Jay wAfternoon Commute: 24K 2001 Monolith Trump Terror Towers

John and Chris delve into another excellent discussion with premier analyst, Jay Dyer.  We discuss the recent (11-15) Paris “event”. Cold War Spy Culture, Staged Events, Sandy Hook, The CIA, Operation Gladio, Stagecraft, Agenda Driven Scripting, The Controlled Narrative,Spectre, Magic Passports, False Flags, Weaponized Culture,’Made in France’,Media Fakery, The War on Science, Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood,ISIS,al-Qaeda,Charlie Hebdo 2.0, Predictive programming, GCHQ,Disney World City State, Revelation of the Method, War on Drugs, Fake News, Scientism, Atheism, Flawed Logic, James Bond, North Korea, Dennis Rodman, Sports, Drug Trafficking, Law and Order, Fake Cops vs. “Real” Cops, Fake Ice-cream Men vs. “Real” Ice Cream Men,Trump/Trinidad James Ticket.


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10 Comments on Jay wAfternoon Commute: 24K 2001 Monolith Trump Terror Towers

  1. Hi Jay, KalAshnikov is the common word for an Avtomat Kalashnikov 47 or 74 or any other model that loosk like one in Europa. The american guys at No agenda didnt understand this either last week, it has no significance, and yes young people know this term.

  2. Robert Sheldon // November 22, 2015 at 11:00 pm // Reply

    Please put all the audio out in podcast form. I’m starting to wonder what conspiracy is keeping you from doing that. You tubing audio sucks in general and especially for anyone that wants to drive and listen away from an internet connection. I found this rss feed but it’s mostly empty. http://antonio-danza777.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

    Make it subscription and charge me double but please for the love of God make it happen. The talk network comercials are intolerable by the 3rd round… there is no question about anstazanthan dammit and I’m not adding beet juice to turn my shit different colors, nailed it…ARHG!

  3. Wow I did not know Cobra Commander was a critic of fiat money. Now was the currency he was offering backed by anything? I was in high school in the early and mid 80’s therefore GI Joe was not something I watched regularly. Although I did often watch He Man and the Masters of the Universe for kicks. I remember GI Joe as the 12 inch doll boys could play without being called gay. I also remember when GI Joe came out with Kung Fu grip, I got one for Christmas (c. 1975), My brother cut off the every finger on his right hand except the middle one so it appeared GI Joe was flipping us the bird. That was his statement against the Establishment.

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