Boiler Room Debate: Jay Vs Bernard on Jihad and False Flags

Tonight’s Boiler Room featured Hesher, Spore, Branco Malic, Roman Bernard of Radix Journal and Daniel Spaulding of Soul of the East. Inadvertently, Mr. Bernard and I ended up in a relatively heated exchange over the prevalence of false flags and the degree to which the “global Jihad” and so-called War on Terror are organized, provocateured and staged. Mr. Bernard seemed to think it was absurd that I posited false flags, arguing that I knew nothing. Judge for yourself who had the better argument.

Note as well that everything I said in last weekend’s analysis has transpired exactly as I said.

22 Comments on Boiler Room Debate: Jay Vs Bernard on Jihad and False Flags

  1. idiot savant // November 19, 2015 at 1:19 am // Reply

    Putain, a French dude gets the chance to be with some of the best analysts of contemporary stuff. And comes across as a completely haughty, full of himself, interrupting, pouting asshole. Total mismatch of guests. What a dork.

  2. This debate over the reality of false flags is part of a larger misunderstanding in the general population of the U.S. – namely, that it’s possible for governments to deceive and behave without morals. People fail to make the connection that those who succeed at business, the rich oligarchs, are essentially psycho pathic and do not care one iota about morals. That’s how you succeed in a business and those that have done the best at it have risen to the top. It looks like they’re moving to secure their power.

    But going one step further, I’d like to ask where do we go from here? What do we do knowing the elites are willing to sacrifice civilians for their geopolitical gain – as well as to maintain control? It’s like throwing a blanket off a lion: once you’ve exposed it, you can be sure itll come after you. Same thing will happen if those who can read what’s going on try to regain control. The destruction of society would ensue.

  3. Jay, your analysis provides the best explanation for what is happening. There is a long history of false flag terrorism being planned and carried out by the Western intelligence agencies and it is naive to think that they are not employing similar tactics today.

    Saying that Islam is the root of the problem is at best a superficial explanation. Seventh century exhortations or 12th century battles are not relevant to today’s geopolitics. As you correctly pointed out, Islamic radicalism has been promoted by the Anglo-American elites for the better part of century. Why?

    • Thanks Tim. When will it be evident the western elite love the jihadis? It’s their reason for existence – to fight their beloved “enemy.”

      • There are reports this morning of Brussels being on “terror lockdown.” I don’t know how that exactly works in a dense urban setting. The government claims to have “precise” warnings of a “serious and immediate threat” but has not shared any details with the public. Heavily armed soldiers are now patrolling the streets. Brussels of course is the home of NATO. Perhaps that’s just a coincidence but given the history of Operation Gladio and NATO’s complicity in that false flag terror program, it should at least be noted,

        If you go to NBC News there is a video posted of the Lester Holt interviewing a special forces looking guy in all black, wearing a balaclava and sporting a sidearm,. We are in the theater of the absurd.

  4. Some of that conversation reminded me of a high-school debate. It was painful.

    Prison planet is a right wing site and they talk ad naseum about false flags, or do you just mean mainstream right wing?

    I think the fact that all these events have drills about the same thing on the same day as the event is a dead give away.

    You didn’t mention it was on Friday the 13th in the city where the Knights Templar’s where rounded up. There is always some weird numerology with these events.

    Right wing types seem to hate Islam in a knee jerk way, it’s like Westerners have propagandized their whole lives to dislike other cultures. But then again they think the Catholic church created Islam lol!

    If Isis did it they sure didn’t help their cause.

  5. Zack Steiner // November 20, 2015 at 8:24 am // Reply

    Fantastic work Jay, you nailed, and owned, that little scumbag. I wish such debates were inconsequential and merely a matter of “I say po-tai-toe, and you say po-tah-toe … so let it be.” The reason why these disgusting false-flags are incessantly carried out, non-stop like clockwork with ruthless efficiency, is because pretentious ignorant douchebags like the Bernard goof *choose*, absolutely, unequivocally *choose* to stay deaf, dumb, and blind, putting their hands over their ears, closing their eyes, and shouting “la-la-la-la…” … all the while al-CIAeda and the other psychopathic intelligence agencies continue to plan, execute, and carry out mass murder after mass murder.

    If the scoundrel coward merely took time to study and review the staggering amount of evidence and material of how ISIS was created, etc … all from information out in the open, he wouldn’t be such an ignorant and base wretch. Bravo on top- notch debating and reasoning skills, and shinning much needed light on the darkness of ignorance.

    You should send Bernard a wonderful passage/quote from that semi-divine being … “Nothing betrays imbecility so much as being insensible of it” -Thomas Jefferson (in later years in a letter to Benjamin Rush).

  6. But why would they have to create false flags? They’ve pushed the ideology of militant jihadism and built these movements since at least the 1980’s. They have created a de facto army of jihadists through the proxy war in Syria. They have let them enter Europe as they please. They have spread the ideology in Europe’s immigrant ghettos. They have recruited european muslims to fight in Syria and allowed them to return to Europe. There is a thriving black market for military weapons in Europe. Why wouldn’t there be terrorist attacks? Why would they have to organise or fake an attack? Looking the other way should be enough.

    You concluded it was a false flag before the attacks were even over. Hardly a dilligent open-minded investigation.

  7. Michael Sean // November 20, 2015 at 7:19 pm // Reply

    You only have to look at social media and all the ‘The Quran is a book of peace/ The Quran is a book of violence’ posts (with added quotes to back them up) to see the false dialectic that continues to emerge from theses things. Not that anyone who posts this stuff has actually bothered themselves with reading the Quran. In fact the ‘Quran is a book of peace’ guys also tend to contridict themsleves and also post shit about all religions ruining the world. It’s like they can’t bring themsleves to say anything negative about the Quran on its own in case they don’t get to accuse people of being racist for the doing it later on.

    The cold harsh truth is that the vast majority of people aren’t interested in any evidence that this could be a false flag, or any credible narrative they proves it. They want to believe whatever will bolster their own worldview, and this is why these things are always successful. The right can blame the Muslim bogeymen, and the left can blame themselves.

  8. What was the book or author mentioned toward the end by Branco?
    The theorist who was very “out there” and speculative?

  9. Still can’t get my hands on that one. Interesting thing is that, apparently, good deal of verifiable tidbits about his life laid out in that book are proven to be true. At least that’s what I’ve read in one rather skeptical review.

  10. False flag? Or 5th Column Templar descending Elite continuing to front for Islamic world government?

  11. [Disclaimer: I mistakenly posted this on the wrong article]


    I am sympathetic to your view but found you and Roman to be talking past each other a bit, perhaps this was due to the format and a minor language barrier. If we take a step back from the interpretation of the recent events in Paris, it is worth looking at the bigger picture (as you were attempting to do in the debate).

    I think it is fair to say that the two of you would find much to agree on regarding the fundamental causes of the situation we find ourselves in, i.e the dominant US/NATO liberal imperial empire and its attendant cultural marxist garbage. Empire and what supports Empire. It should burn.

    There are however some issues that need to be addressed. To your credit Jay, you brought up the fact that alot of the Alt-right seems to avoid the murky world of espionage. Mr. Bernard did not deny the existence of such things, but seemed to downplay their importance. I believe this to be the key issue: what rank should be given to espionage (in its myriad forms)?

    My own view is that we should view espionage as the domain of military tactics. Since we are being attacked by such means they should be understood as best we can. With that, what bearing should this have on politics and strategy? I think there is alot of nuance to be fleshed out. Is it perhaps a good strategy for some of these websites to avoid discussing these issues at length? If for instance that some feel that they may be able to gain support for nationalist parties in France by arguing the event was precipitated purely by Islamic Immigration, do we argue instead that this is just Imperial military tactics and that the killers were not real Muslims (I am not claiming that you said this)?

    Also illustrative of this divide is that both you and Richard Spencer, on his Radix podcast, discuss James Bond at length. Other films you both deal with are Eyes Wide Shut and Interstellar. Your analysis focuses on the military(espionage) and esoteric side and theirs on the cultural side. I find that there is no fundamental contradiction between the two approaches, but they (Spencer and Bernard) would undoubtedly benefit from reading

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