TalkNetwork Special Report: Jay on Paris Attacks and False Flag

Dean Ryan of TalkNetwork and I break down the events as they emerge regarding the Paris Attacks and the anomalies and inconsistencies in the mainstream story. We break down the geopolitical possibilities of what could have motivated the event and the possibility of false flag.

5 Comments on TalkNetwork Special Report: Jay on Paris Attacks and False Flag

  1. idiot savant // November 16, 2015 at 6:21 pm // Reply

    Voulez vous JE SUIS … avec moi? Mossad?

  2. Thank you for this analysis, Jay!

  3. Jay,

    I am sympathetic to your view but found you and Roman to be talking past each other a bit, perhaps this was due to the format and a minor language barrier. If we take a step back from the interpretation of the recent events in Paris, it is worth looking at the bigger picture (as you were attempting to do in the debate).

    I think it is fair to say that the two of you would find much to agree on regarding the fundamental causes of the situation we find ourselves in, i.e the dominant US/NATO liberal imperial empire and its attendant cultural marxist garbage. Empire and what supports Empire. It should burn.

    There are however some issues that need to be addressed. To your credit Jay, you brought up the fact that alot of the Alt-right seems to avoid the murky world of espionage. Mr. Bernard did not deny the existence of such things, but seemed to downplay their importance. I believe this to be the key issue: what rank should be given to espionage (in its myriad forms)?

    My own view is that we should view espionage as the domain of military tactics. Since we are being attacked by such means they should be understood as best we can. With that, what bearing should this have on politics and strategy? I think there is alot of nuance to be fleshed out. Is it perhaps a good strategy for some of these websites to avoid discussing these issues at length? If for instance that some feel that they may be able to gain support for nationalist parties in France by arguing the event was precipitated purely by Islamic Immigration, do we argue instead that this is just Imperial military tactics and that the killers were not real Muslims (I am not claiming that you said this)?

    Also illustrative of this divide is that both you and Richard Spencer, on his Radix podcast, discuss James Bond at length. Other films you both deal with are Eyes Wide Shut and Interstellar. Your analysis focuses on the military(espionage) and esoteric side and theirs on the cultural side. I find that there is no fundamental contradiction between the two approaches, but they would undoubtedly benefit from reading

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