Esoteric Hollywood: SPECTRE and the Paris Attacks

In this episode of Esoteric Hollywood, I break down the recent Paris attacks purportedly by “ISIS” and the odd connections to the 2015 film SPECTRE.  SPECTRE’s plot involves 007 on the trail of the shadowy international criminal syndicate originally found in the Fleming novels, emerging from SMERSH, Soviet counter-intelligence.  Ominous parallels emerge in SPECTRE, as we learn the syndicate is behind a series of bombings and terror attacks, globally.  Echoing the Charlie Hebdo incidents earlier this year, the connections with SPECTRE appear too close…

Esoteric Hollywood is Jay Dyer’s (from deconstruction of the deeper messages, symbols, and predictive programming subtexts that underlie modern film, including interviews with artists and experts in numerous media fields. Based on years of research into film analysis, comparative religion, propaganda,psychological warfare, secret societies and mind control, Esoteric Hollywood decodes the biggest movies in an unparalleled way, from the classics of the silver screen to today’s blockbusters. Learn to watch film with completely new eyes, as philosophy and conspiracy combine to enlighten the arts and awaken the masses. Support my show by purchasing your organic products and supplements from Natural News and Talknetwork’s store featuring over 500 lab-tested products.


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4 Comments on Esoteric Hollywood: SPECTRE and the Paris Attacks

  1. idiot savant // November 15, 2015 at 3:49 pm // Reply

    This has got to be one of the most revealing overall analysis of recent times if you are trying to detect the poop in the pop culture. It´s so simple, folks, really. Just combine your discriminating choice of movies you watch with Jay´s analysis, and … voilá:
    Je suis Blofeld. Je suis Mossad. Je suis técnocrat. Je suis le bullshit.
    Voulez vous “Je suis” avec moi? Ce soir? Everybody now:
    VOULEZ VOUS JE SUIS AVEC MOI? CE SOIR? (70´s disco tune, in case you are too young for this, which is a good sign because only the young really matter at this point).

    Tell your teenage kid to skip school and listen to an episode of his analysis.

    Thank Bob for Jay. Stratosferique, this guy.

  2. I haven’t seen SPECTRE, but from how you describe it in this show, it almost sounds like it’s a metaphor for citizen armchair generals trying to understand world events, such as terror events and false flags.

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