Esoteric Hollywood: Lloyd Johnsonius, Orson Welles & Vertigo

Intro theme: “Dream Agent” by Ariel Electron, Holeg Spies and Thierry Gotti on the “Kore Kosmou” album.

In this wild and wacky installment of Esoteric Hollywood, moral majority neo-con figure Lloyd Johnsonius tells us in Dobsonesque fashion which movies are acceptable. From there, I’m joined by my old high school hijinks partner, Ben Enoch to discuss Orson Welles’ The Third Man, and then I dissect Hitchcock’s Vertigo in esoteric style.

Esoteric Hollywood is Jay Dyer’s (from deconstruction of the deeper messages, symbols, and predictive programming subtexts that underlie modern film, including interviews with artists and experts in numerous media fields. Based on years of research into film analysis, comparative religion, propaganda,psychological warfare, secret societies and mind control, Esoteric Hollywood decodes the biggest movies in an unparalleled way, from the classics of the silver screen to today’s blockbusters. Learn to watch film with completely new eyes, as philosophy and conspiracy combine to enlighten the arts and awaken the masses. Support my show by purchasing your organic products and supplements from Natural News and Talknetwork’s store featuring over 500 lab-tested products.


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2 Comments on Esoteric Hollywood: Lloyd Johnsonius, Orson Welles & Vertigo

  1. Billy the Kid // November 14, 2015 at 3:10 am // Reply

    I can’t log into the Boiler Room. So I’ll leave this comment here:

    After today’s news in Paris with the alleged terror attacks, is it fair, nay, necessary to question openly why terrorists never attack banks?

    Food for thought.

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