5 Comments on Jay on World Meets U.S.: Kern and Dyer Debate Snowden

  1. Interesting interview.
    The quasi-deification of Snowden and Manning among some folks never ceases to amaze me. As you pointed out, there are holes in Snowden’s legend and the whole thing could be a limited hangout–not saying it is for sure but I’m not quite willing to put him on a pedestal as some do. William Binney’s information contained mostly the same information as Snowden just without classified Power Point slides. Binney strikes me as more credible than snowden in general.
    I know you didn’t mention it in this interview but Manning seems to be somewhat of a repeat of the Cambridge 5 (wasn’t the group called The Apostles?), but it’s not PC to mention Manning’s homosexuality and how it may have played into his actions. The idea of a unbalanced blackmailable homosexual creating a classified data breach seems more plausible on the surface than the Snowden thing, but I’m not going to put him on a pedestal either

    Unrelated question-Would you consider setting up PayPal for an optional one-time payment for an annual membership instead of the $5/mo?
    or perhaps bitcoin?

  2. Nice segment!

    Sibel Edmonds is a legit whistleblower over at BoilingFrogsPost.com

  3. Jay,

    Great work that exemplifies your overall dedication to ‘truth’.

    For me the part of the Snowden limited hangout/panopticon/mind f$ck that I can unravel is not his banckground, regurgitation of info (although if Binney is truth and Snowden a repetition, why even repeat the truth? Why not bury Binney like they did Hastifs?), but actually the fact Russia continues to host him. This is where the truth will be found , albeit not what we’re looking for I think.

    Specifically, why has Russia continued to provide patronage to Snowden? Clearly Russia has a reputable counterintelligence apparatus capable of figuring out the root of Snowden as we believe we have. However, for them to continue to patronize him indicates either (1) we’re actually mistaken and he’s no fools gold or, more importantly (2) Russia is playing along in the same damn limited hang-out game.

    How do we rectify the “counterparty” role Russia is playing with Snowden and the overall anti-USA role they occupy in the media?
    This may point to a NWO structure or, and I say this with hesitation, they’re siding with a group who’s actually trying to strip the NSA of their panopticon-type powers (who else might want want to knockout down the NSA and also have the power of the media behind them).

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