Jay Dyer’s “Esoteric Hollywood” Talk Show Premiers Tonight at 10 PM Pacific



Together with Mike Adams of Natural News, as well as a host of other excellent shows, the new form of talk radio premiers tonight as I take the 10 PM Pacific slot, every Tues-Friday night, with “Esoteric Hollywood” on Talknetwork.com.  Tonight FreemanFly and Jamie Hanshaw kick off my show with a wild trek into the foray of dark films, occultic messages and ominous themes in film.

Esoteric Hollywood is Jay Dyer’s (from JaysAnalysis.com) deconstruction of the deeper messages, symbols, and predictive programming subtexts that underlie modern film, including interviews with artists and experts in numerous media fields. Based on years of research into film analysis, comparative religion, propaganda,psychological warfare, secret societies and mind control, Esoteric Hollywood decodes the biggest movies in an unparalleled way, from the classics of the silver screen to today’s blockbusters. Learn to watch film with completely new eyes, as philosophy and conspiracy combine to enlighten the arts and awaken the masses.

Stream the show below:



6 Comments on Jay Dyer’s “Esoteric Hollywood” Talk Show Premiers Tonight at 10 PM Pacific

  1. Looking forward to the show and guest lineup. Best, P.

  2. Where can we find the first episode of your show Jay? I noticed there is nothing posted to the archive for it at the Talk Network yet. Is there an RSS feed yet, or some other location we can download it to a podcast app or something?

  3. Greetings Jay. Technical question today re: Esoteric H. As I live in a North-Eastern time zone (Montreal), the Pacific 10pm live show time is a tad late for me to stay up. Will the shows become available in some form of MP3 format following their broadcast, either from JA or YouTube, etc? Many thanks. P.

  4. Superbe. Merci!

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