Jay Dyer on HigherSide Chats: Sci Fi Esoteric Programming (Half)

Greg Carlwood from Higher Side Chats invited me on to discuss science fiction, esoterica, Asimov’s Foundation, numerology, biblical texts and gematria, twilight language, prophetic texts, philosophy, ancient philosophy, Kubrick films, and much more! This is the first half of a full interview that is available for paid subscription through my own or Greg’s site.

14 Comments on Jay Dyer on HigherSide Chats: Sci Fi Esoteric Programming (Half)

  1. I share Jay’s opinion regarding the state of the alt-media situation/reality. Unfortunately, I suspect some outlets have been co-opted and/or diverted from their original mandate. Nothing new under the sun. I liked the Chewbacca impression. Party on! Pierre

  2. Oops, sorry. My comment related to the previous interview. My apologies 🙂 P.

  3. That’s great Jay. It also comes with age and maturity. I also don’t give a synthetic dildo about what people think about me. Especially family and friends. Your a voice of reason floating in a sea of ignorance. Keep up the great work!!! You’re the only dude I listen to and read now, having lost hope with pretty much all the other posers, impostors and moles out there. Your work and reflections fill a gap that is much needed. Many thanks! Peace, Pierre

  4. Great interview. I really enjoyed it. . thanks I like Greg’s show. He’s not afraid to talk about the weird and wacky. Apotheosis via hidden technology, very interesting. Hasn’t that been the Rosicrucian-Freemason project for the past, say, 500 years?

  5. BTW: the ‘Dickless ‘ Cage impressions are a riot. Keep it up.

  6. That’s pretty brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Tough to go from one to another like that in a seamless manner. Kudos! This dates me a bit, but have you ever heard of a short-lived show back in the early 70s (if I recall correctly) named ‘The Copycats’ (or Copycats). Frank Goshin totally surprised the crap out of me, he was so brilliant. Worth looking up on goobtube.

  7. Jay, I enjoyed your interview on “The Higherside Chats”, so I was surprised to see the one comment on the program was of a negative nature. Naturally, I viciously attacked the commenter.
    Unfortunately, the moderators were not cool with my rebuttal. I seem to lack the vocabulary to call someone an asshole, without actually using profanity. Anyway, you know what they say about people who can’t take a joke.
    Congratulations on your new program.

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