Jay on In5d.com: The Metaphysics of Star Wars

Michelle Walling of In5d.com and How to Exit the Matrix asked me on her podcast to discuss films, predictive programming and the Secret Space Program.  Beginning with the LSD experience, we branch off into weaponized space, DARPA, angelology and medieval ontology, eastern theology and dimensions, as well as films like Star Wars, The Matrix, The Truman Show, The Box, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Dark City, as well as much more.  This includes my impersonations of Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca.

7 Comments on Jay on In5d.com: The Metaphysics of Star Wars

  1. Looking forward to the interview and your Chewbacca impression 🙂

  2. I thought she would throw big foot into the mix! Surprised she didn’t bring up the Lockness monster and cite the Discovery Channel as a source. Difficult to listen to. I wish as a common courtesy people would do research on their guests and their work before trying to ‘interview’ them, rather than just spouting off new age nonsense and asking questions about subjects they obviously have little knowledge of.

  3. Your interlocutor sort of lost me with the whole time travel thing. But I suppose if we are ultimately dealing with spiritual forces (and I believe we are), such entities (angels and demons) would indeed be inhabiting other dimensions (i.e. heaven and hell) and would not be constrained by time and space. This may give them greater foresight and power over the affairs of man but it’s a stretch to conclude from this that they have the ability to travel back and forth in time much less be able and willing to pass that “technology” to select corporeal beings. Perhaps I misunderstood her.

    The way I see it the powers that be have simply struck a Faustian bargain. They have sold their souls for control of this world. They have ignored Christ’s admonition: “What does it profit a man if in gaining the whole world , he loses his soul?” Perhaps this explains their obsession with life extension and trans-humanism. If I were guilty of their crimes I’d probably want to put off judgment day as long as possible too.

    A possible explanation for the Illuminati’s apparent use of “magic” is the observation made by Arthur C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This goes to the question of the occulted or secreted knowledge. Much of our common understanding of the physical world has been formed by the Royal Society which if I am not mistaken has Rosicrucian Freemasonic origins. It is believed these secret societies have for centuries used occulted knowledge for the purposes of controlling the world or at least keeping significantly ahead of the game so to speak. Secreted knowledge might explain the suppression of Tesla’s research, the Secret Space program and phenomenon of the Breakaway Civilization.
    It is also important to remember the importance of money in all this. I think it was Dr. Joseph Farrell who asked “what could you accomplish with unlimited funds and manpower?” Here Dr. Farrell was referring to the Secret Space program. Some researchers believe that the Western elites seized a whole lot of loot after WWII and invested much of it in developing seized Nazi aviation technology (Foo fighters, flying saucers, the Bell etc.). A portion of the loot was also incorporated into the post war international banking system where it has been continually re-hypothicated. This money creation picked up considerable steam after Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 hence the credit boom and its ugly twin debt slavery which is another way of looting the public and keeping them docile.
    Now we’re getting into what Catherine Austin Fitts calls the financial coup d’ etate which was completed around 2007-08 but was really in the works at least since the creation of the Bretton-Woods System in 1944 (perhaps 1930 with the creation of Bank of International Settlements or 1913 with the creation of the US Fed and imposition of Federal Income Tax). That may seem like a long time for us but for the elite such long term planning is normal. Anyway, this gets us back to “magic” and technology. The apparent magic practiced by the elite may be nothing more than a very well-funded smoke and mirrors show. Recall Dr. Farrell’s question (what could you accomplish with unlimited funds and manpower?) and consider the possibility that what retails as science is a limited hangout of sorts.
    The elite’s ability to practice “magic” may not be attributed to ETs or the spiritual realm but rather to their control of information and the banking system. As Catherine Austin Fitts has asked, “what could you get away with if you were granted the power to kill with impunity and create money ad infinitum?” Do not the ruling elite today have such power?
    Give me that power and I’d be fabulously wealthy overnight and I’d probably come across as really smart if not omniscient. I’d also probably go insane.

  4. I always had the impression that the concept of the ‘Empire’ in the Star Wars industry, was a form of critique of American imperialism, and by extension (the ruthless and bloody – facist) American foreign policy. The same can be said for the original Starship Troopers film by Paul Verhoeven. P.

  5. Yeah it got a little awkward there with the time traveling angels, this lady is pretty out there. Not to cast aspersions, she had her moments. Ended up being a decent discussion, especially towards the end. The two more recent interviews were way better though, Fresno guys were good, seemed like a fun time had by all, and I thought the guy in San Diego was excellent. Talented, interviewer, professional, etc.

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