Jay w/James Kelley – Scientology, Hubbard & Sci Fi Space Opera (Half)

James Kelley returns to discuss the third in our cult series, Scientology.  James and I begin discussing the film The Master, and delve directly into the elaborate cosmology of Hubbard, the “space opera” of Thetans, its extensive doctrines, Hubbard’s life and interests, the relationship to infamous figures like Crowley and Jack Parsons, Hollywood and the Space Program,  MKULTRA, mind control, science fiction/pulp dime store novels and much, much more. This is the free half of a full lecture at JaysAnalysis for $4.95 per month. Subscribe at the PayPal link above.

9 Comments on Jay w/James Kelley – Scientology, Hubbard & Sci Fi Space Opera (Half)

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    James L. Kelley and Jay Dyer discuss L. Ron Hubbard’s esoteric views on the thetan, Xenu, “space opera,” and even Christology.

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    I subscribed to Jay’s Analysis yesterday. I’m just a tad confused about how to obtain my password in order to access the subscriber’s section from your website.

    Again, many thanks. Pierre D.

    Pierre Duranleau Cafargo http://www.cafargo.com


  3. Jay your insight towards the end regarding the ‘slave labour’ aspect of this cult is spot on. About 10 years ago I did a lighting rigging job when I was a roadie, for their church which was opening in London.

    The guys who had hired me had just spent a week at the Hubbard mansion in Hertfordshire in the UK, rigging lights there. Whilst we were bonding about how weird the ‘church’ members were, they told me they had just spent a week watching girls who couldn’t have been more than 15 years old being made to do heavy lifting and unloading trucks.

    My brief experience that afternoon in London was genuinely creepy, and I even got a tour of the interior of the building in London, it was a strange place…

    Just thought I’d share that tidbit of my brush with the Scientologists with you.

    Fascinating talk from yourself and James, thank you both.

  4. Jay, you are doing great work. I just subscribed I don’t know how to access subscriber stuff.

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