Jay Dyer w/James Corbett: “The Prestige” and Revelation of the Method

James Corbett of the Corbett Report asked me to come on to discuss Christopher Nolan films, and in particular The Prestige in its relation to statecraft, espionage, the theater of media/warfare and how this relates to revelation of the method and ‘Twilight Language.’ James and I compare and contrast the film with major events like 9/11 and how Nolan laces all his works with these deeper themes.



10 Comments on Jay Dyer w/James Corbett: “The Prestige” and Revelation of the Method

  1. I love what you are doing here. I watch film in an entirely different way now.

    I grasp that many of the films are now financed privately, based on an article about Joel Silver having been ostracized from Hollywood. It
    seems there are various conversations being had amongst different factions of adepts linked to specific companies-Universal, Village Roadshow, LucasFilms, etc- it is hard to grasp exactly what whom is saying to whom, but I gather that many in Hollywood have clearly chosen the crew they will ride or die with, and what outlook for the world they envision.

    Again, thank you for your work Jay. I am working in my circles to enlighten folks to the metaphysics and mind magic of the media. There is hope.

  2. You don’t mention Alice Bailey?

  3. Glad you corrected him on A.C. Clarke vs. Asimov!

  4. Great interview. He seemed reluctant at the end. Hope you can do another one.

  5. Great interview! So much was covered in so little time. Statecraft as stagecraft- perhaps that explains a few of the anomalies on 9/11.

  6. Great interview! Now, time to drink some mushrooms…

  7. “A limited hangout might be a clue,
    that the guys’ running that show are less than a few,
    if you can see the stars rotate in the heavens,
    and seven embers burn until nine past eleven,
    maybe you can join me and see this too.”

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