Spectacular GOP Republican Debate Extravaganza (4 hr)

Join the Alternate Current Radio Boiler Room for this GOP Debate Special! We’ll have your favorite cynics, philosophers, political animals, media maniacs, armchair anarchists, turntable troglodytes and barfly banditos in the peanut gallery for the upcoming GOP debate. Don’t shake your head in lone agony watching the bought and paid for “candidates” spin their webs of 6th grade level lies, come join the Boiler Room gang in this gallows humor attempt at making the GOP debate palpable, informative and FUN for all us informed, intellectual hominids and homunculi. 


Stream or Download Part 1 here.

Stream or Download Part 2 here.

7 Comments on Spectacular GOP Republican Debate Extravaganza (4 hr)

  1. Being anti-white has nothing to do with any of this? Your high school education was anti-white. You are my kids age. I was angry then and I’m angry now.

  2. Take classical marxism but substitute “the bourgeoisie” for “whites”, “the proletariat” for “people of color” and “capitalism” for “whiteness”, “white privilege” or “white supremacy”. What do you get? Anti-racism.
    Take classical marxism but change “the bourgeoisie” to “men”, “the proletariat” to “women” and “capitalism” to “the patriarchy”. Now what do we have? Feminism.

    Anti-racism is racial bolshevism. Feminism is gender bolshevism. Anti-racism is as anti-white as marxism is anti-capitalist. Feminism is as anti-male as marxism is anti-capitalist.

    The similarities are not coincidental, but the result of a deliberate application of classical marxist analysis to race relations and gender relations. It is an effort rooted in hatred of western civilization, western man and christianity.

    The Origins of Political Correctness

    This nonsense (cultural marxism) is embraced by the political establishment, the MSM, the universities and large corporations. It has become a de-facto state (pseudo)religion in western countries.

  3. “Austerity ghooooouls”…. Your Tarpley impersonation had me laughing all day. Cloning FDR and reinstituting Glass-Steagall?, Now that’s a plan. I once heard Tarpley deny FDR’s complicity in the Pearl Harbor set up claiming the president was out of the loop and manipulated by conspirators in his administration, presumably General Marshall and Henry Stimson. Well, even if that is true, it certainly doesn’t speak well of his leadership.

  4. You know with so many self-styled “constitutionalists” and Tea Party types rallying behind Donald Trump (if polls are to believed) perhaps the crony capitalist real estate magnate should substitute his current toupee with a colonial-era powdered wig. Just a thought…

    As for Rand Paul’s hairdo, yes it is a bird’s nest. But it’s a bald eagle’s nest thus symbolizing Paul’s campaign to defend liberty.

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