Jay on Boiler Room: Transhumanism’s Tempest & the Atlantis Dystopia

I return to Boiler Room with Patrick Henningsen of 21stCenturyWire, Branco Malic of KaliTribune and the rest of the gang to discuss Agenda 21, gentrification, Balkan geopolitics, social engineering, Fabian socialism and Brave New World, posthumanism and the “Perfect Murder,” masonry in Croatia, Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Prospero in relation to Bacon and the New World, royalty and the “final revolution,” Michio Kaku the samurai psyientist and scientism propaganda.

Stream or download the episode here.

3 Comments on Jay on Boiler Room: Transhumanism’s Tempest & the Atlantis Dystopia

  1. Yeah I live in the Bay Area just south of SF and I can confirm that everything discussed here about the place is accurate. This truly is the tip of the spear in the globalist experiment. You have iPhone/Android apps for basically everything, including checking your car’s battery if you have an electric car. Studios for rent can definitely top $4K a month in some places. Everything you buy was made in a sustainable facility (or printed on recycled paper), and is gay-friendly.

  2. It’s no wonder that there is an ongoing program of white genocide by flooding every white country with millions of non-whites and forcing assimilation, integration on white children in their own homes. Whites have been the only race to develop societies with large middle classes. Eliminate them and that will go permanently.

  3. You are right Jay. Hollywood are the new Brahman class. The sacred personae or better yet hypokritai for the spectatores. The Hollywood CAST is the new caste. Theatre was considered a sacred drama, and so early christians would not attend the spectacles. Perhaps we can recover this sense. Great noesis.

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