(Half Audio) Jay’s Esoteric Analysis of Huxley’s Brave New World

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In this analysis, I cover Aldous Huxley’s classic 1932 dystopian novel Brave New World from a historical, philosophical and esoteric perspective. What is Huxley saying? Was he involved in erecting the scientistic state we now live in? Did he leave clues in his famous Berkeley lecture that suggest this? How does this relate to Bacon, Shakespeare and esoterism? Why are there curious references to Marx, Ford and Rothschild in the novel? How did Huxley know about cloning in 1932 and does this future-historical fiction work prove “Hidden Metaphysics”? Is this book an even earlier reference to the real plan of MK ULTRA? This is the half lecture for free, while paid subscribers to JaysAnalysis.com get full lectures for $4.95 a month at the tab above.

Intro song: Kore Kosmou – “Dream Agent”

Correction: I said Mustapha Mond is John’s father, but it is the other Socialist Director, Thomas.

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5 Comments on (Half Audio) Jay’s Esoteric Analysis of Huxley’s Brave New World

  1. Essentially, my take on Huxley. Too bad we studied 1984 in high school and not Huxley. Good Job!

  2. Great analysis Jay, it’s been years since I’ve read Brave New World, thanks for a refresher and some great insight.

  3. Surprise news of the day: Lou Reed was subject to electroshock therapy as a teen. Caitlyn Jenner’s Brave New World.

  4. Won’t there be any holocaust museums?

  5. The Mainstreaming of Pedophilia

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