Mega-Interview Jay w/Afternoon Commute: Scientism & Pop Occulture

John and myself engage in yet another excellent discussion with Jay Dyer. We discuss the bizarre WDBJ shooting, Crisis Actors, Mass Media Psyops, Traveling Actor Troops, U.S. Commission on National Security, Actor Andy Parker, Les Miserables, “The Merchant of Killogue”, Agitprop Theater, The Shooting Epidemic, Think Tanks, Pop Culture, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Scientism, Nanobots, Rockefeller’s Riverside Church, Charlie Wilson’s War, Chautauqua, Bruce Gender, Pan Religious Non-Denominational Churches, Nelson Mandela MI6, Fidel Castro was an Actor, Mao set up by the Rockefellers/CIA, Communism, Wal-Mart, Arkansas, Leftists, Memorandum 200, The Gates Foundation, GAVI, Population Council Promotes Homosexuality, Margret Sanger, Darwinism, Claims vs. Facts, Objects of Veneration, Appeals to Authority, Presuppositionalism, Philosophical Assumptions, Transitional Fossils, Mad Max, Peer-Review and Scientism, Skepticism, Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Bill Nye, Poisoning the Well, Creation/Evolution Debates, Religious Creeds, Chemtrails, Bureaucracy, Moon Lasers, American Ultra, MK Ultra, Die hard, Iron Man, James Bond, Media Entertainment Continuum, Presidents and Dictators who are also Actors,NATO, New World Order, Assassins,Targeted Individuals, Edward Snowden, Black Mirror, Tracking Folks on the Internet.

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5 Comments on Mega-Interview Jay w/Afternoon Commute: Scientism & Pop Occulture

  1. Bruce Gender, haha, I like it…

  2. I’m glad someone’s talking about this stuff. By the way do you think there’s ever been a black person named Vester Flanagan? Ever? Just saying. I watched the movie “idiocracy” for the 2nd time tonight, it’s looking less like a satire or farce and more like a realistic look at what our future society will look like. Let’s go drink some brawndo!

  3. Castro an agent of the NWO? Well if the Cold War was staged managed, why not a little dictator in Havana? That would explain the intrigues of Trafficante and why the mobster was allowed to go free despite his apparent betrayal of the CIA. Servando Gonzalez gets into this in his book Psychological Warfare and the New World Order

  4. I am sitting here in my car on an assignment as a security guard listening to this entire show and sometimes looking at the Northrrn Lights. In the 1930’s Ogden developed Basic English and I have often asked why it faded away. The economy of vocabulary meant that the structure of language showed on the surface(grammatica) and that the thought to be stated must be clear in your mind before choosing the words that point to that (logical thinking or dialectic). In this show when G.B.Shaw was mentioned several thoughts clicked together. If language is a means of communication why are students throughout the world not taught the International Phonetic font from the beginning (What are you writing Professor Higgins?) Children would retain their God given ability to hear the differences in and speak any language to which they would in later life be immersed. The movie and Eliza’s difficulties in her language lessons subliminally convinced me that I could not learn to speak another language(I smiled when in the Boiler Room your colleague said “per” searched his mind for a moment and said “hunch”) The lack of Basic English in education is a control still both socially and geographically. Refugees bring their culture with them and if there is enough,the stress created may leave a world in which only the elite survive.

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