Esoteric Hollywood – Jay w Tim Kelly on The Arts of Illusion

Tim Kelly invited me back to explain the reason for film analysis. Why my site? Why would oligarchs and intelligence agencies have an interest in theater, fiction and Hollywood? What about large-scale media psy ops and is there any connection to the studio machine and various Tinsel Town scandals and intrigues? We answer yes in this talk. Tim’s Podcast Our Interesting Times is here.

5 Comments on Esoteric Hollywood – Jay w Tim Kelly on The Arts of Illusion

  1. Yeah this was a pretty good interview. It’s true that Hollywood isn’t what the masses are fed, but that’s true of all entertainment, that the entertainment factor is just a means to another end. While it’s true that most people will never grasp that, I’m optimistic that more people than ever are, and will continue to. In unrelated news, I was listening to another, not-as-good interview today as well. Apparently a representative from the Galactic Federation of Planets says that healthy planets out there have a population of under 500 million, and that the “aberrant” elite of our planet have screwed things up with religion and suppressing birth control and sex education.

  2. Hi Jay, I’m new to your work but not to reality, forgive me if you have but have you done a piece on revolver, just watched it. I see multi levels of mind control.

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  3. Nobody saw what was going on? It seems so obvious!

  4. jarrodschneider // September 6, 2015 at 2:06 pm // Reply

    The problem, philosophically (so far as the honest development and progression of alternative perception analysis is concerned) with tailoring one’s work according to which lines of investigation garner the most traffic, praise, attention, or feedback, is that, if the analyzer isn’t extremely careful, they end up moulding and adapting their work according to how much feedback and attention particular material receives. This, over-time, leads one to self-censor and skew their work and overall worldview- to tailor it to such things- leading one down paths of investigation they wouldn’t otherwise give attention to, or overlooking other things they perhaps would have given their attention to.

    Popularity is not a marker of quality, and in fact, one could almost argue that nearly the opposite is the case, in so far as the journey for truthful discovery is a singular, personal enterprise, and outside approval or support is only a distracting hindrance to this process.

    This is leading to a quite disconcerting trend amongst alternative media researchers, in that they are building the constituents of a “second matrix”, that is, another “alternative” matrix based in part, upon skewing their investigations and adapting their work to placate a type of secondary, alternative consensus that is in the process of developing.

    I think Vigilant Citizen is a prime example of the phenomenon I am alluding to…

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