Jay on Sunday Wire- Virginia and the Truman Show Shooting

Patrick invited me back in the second hour on the Sunday Wire to discuss the Daily, Perpetual, Eternal Shooter Event and the latest in Virginia. This event is one of the most bizarre high profile media events we’ve seen yet – a Truman Show Shooting.  We dissect the event piece by piece, looking at the anomalies and contradictions to date. From there, we discuss film and theatrical aspects of this soap opera style story, notably To Die For (1995), the Gus Van Sant film. Concluding, we cover the larger spectrum of media manipulation of fake left and fake right that play perfectly into GOV, INC.’s plans for more bureaucratic control as a result of never-ending, highlighted and sensationalized “tragedies.”

Stream or download the episode here.

6 Comments on Jay on Sunday Wire- Virginia and the Truman Show Shooting

  1. Jay doesn’t come on ’til 1:17

  2. Zack Steiner // August 31, 2015 at 6:07 am // Reply

    Jay, if there ever was a smoking gun! the Daily Mail from UK on the Virginia shooting fraud is worth looking at. Get this: they published a full article on this disgusting HOAX at 7:52AM EST!!! (12:52GMT ie London time) the day of the shooting. The shooting took place at 6:46AM EST. Let’s for a second leave aside how they were able to publish a full feature article with all the pictures and life history of the participants etc so quickly. The most glaring and brazen errors were this: the initial 8AM article contained tweets from the actor boyfriend written at 6:32AM!! EST … but it gets much better. The article also talks about the death of the shooter at 1:30PM EST! Ergo …

    Ergo, the entire piece was planted long ago in advance, but either mistakenly or deliberately (in order to mock) printed in advance. This Virginia hoax is by far the most sloppy and brazen one yet. Absolutely sickening, not to mention sinking to new levels of depravity.

  3. Dee Construct // September 2, 2015 at 12:44 pm // Reply

    A shooting in the heart of Consumer America seems very likely; it’s about time for a female to pop.
    Latino lesbian, a couple of toddlers – handgun – purse – Wal Mart!

  4. Okay.So this Virginia BS is just too obvious. Dismantled below:

    Fake Muzzle flash, no shell casings flying out of the gun, worst quality cellphone video ever – it looks like a world star hip-hop video circa 2009 ( a person in the news media, “VESTER FLANAGAN”, would likely have a cell phone capable of recording HD vid if he were legit), NO BLOOD, NO alterations in Parker’s Scream, NO VERBAL CONFRONTATION FROM CAMERA MAN STANDING POINT BLANK FROM THE GUN, REPORT FROM FIREARM TOO WEAK TO BE REAL, NO PRESS ON DANIEL WULZ, FATHER IS AN ACTOR ON RECORD AND VIDEO (OOOOOH WEE!/ Les Miserables), MEDIA BF is a gimp, FATHER AND BF WILLING TO GO ON NEWS TO CAMPAIGN FOR GUN CONTROL SAME DAY, BOGUS INVITE ONLY MEMORIAL CEREMONY, SHOOTER HAD MANIFESTO (lol), SHOOTER was racially frustrated (Agenda), MEDIA now discussing censorship of disturbing/disgusting internet material (agenda), Shooter was mentally disturbed (agenda), WDBJ recieved largest ever fine to media station from FCC and was negotiating w/ FCC to have the $325K fine reduced (fine was given on 6/6/12 not reported until Spring 2015?)

    The question is WHY make it so obvious. Surely they could do better work. You could simply contact me, Pee Kay22. Jay, or anyone else and hire us/coerce us into being a consultant and then you could probably run a damn-near undistinguishable, undiscernable hoax and have it barely questioned by anyone… They aren’t morons…. so why not make it convincing?

    Maybe they want to find out “who can see?” … but why?

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