Jay w James Kelley-Psychopathology of Jim Jonestown

In part 2 of our cult series, James and I delve into the bizarre oddness of what is Jim Jones and the People’s Temple cult and their mass suicide.  Beware, this is not a PG interview – things get pretty…well, funky.  It gets rather potty themed, but with a reason given Jones’ ever-evolving ideology.  Given the nature of this interview, I’ve decided to make it all free.  To get access to the fullness of all of my philosophy lectures and studies, as well as the rest of our cult series, subscribe at JaysAnalysis.com under the tab for $4.95 a month.

Stream or download this interview here.

Interview 1 on the Nation of Islam is here.

Get James’ book Anatomyzing Divinity here.

James’ blog Romeosyne is here.

4 Comments on Jay w James Kelley-Psychopathology of Jim Jonestown

  1. Ya’ know, I always had a slight suspicion that Jim Jones was a card or two short of full deck. The Jonestown incident reeks of MKULTRA and the Muscone assassination was likely some sort of clean up – tying up loose ends. Wasn’t Jonestown the site of a former CIA training ground or is that unconfirmed?

  2. Hi, in this interview a book on the psychology of Hitler is mentioned. I’ve tried listening a few times but can’t make out the actual title or author. Any ideas? Thanks

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