Mega Interview: Chemtrail DNA Manipulation, Body Doubles & Spies

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network tonight for another episode of ‘The Boiler Room’ with its new 2 hour format, with the LIVE broadcast starting at 11:00 PM-1:00AM EST, or 8:00 PM-10:00PM PST. Join us for this brand new uninterruptible talk radio program, custom-designed for news hounds, media-maniacs, savants, exotic political animals and otherwise lovable social rejects.

Join ACR hosts Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer from Jay’s Analysis and Daniel Spaulding from as they hash out everything under the sun and then some. There’s only one rule: bring something interesting to throw into the Boiler…

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4 Comments on Mega Interview: Chemtrail DNA Manipulation, Body Doubles & Spies

  1. Great show. Main point about “shooter of the day” who killed the journalists on live TV: his hand is white! The killer was supposed to be a black man. So obvious. From that moment forward EVERYONE in media should be questioning the story…

  2. Egads man! Could public defecation become a civil right?

  3. spinning disk // August 30, 2015 at 3:28 am // Reply

    Good discussion. Just as a side note, Prince William’s children are his but Kate isn’t their mother, at least she’s not George’s mother. In official photos and videos three year old George will cling or run to his father or the nanny but does not do this with Kate – extremely unnatural for a child of this age. Also, neither one of the offspring look at all like her.

  4. Why is it always a shooter? Have you ever noticed how these “unpredictable madmen” who apparently simply want to commit mass murder, take credit for it, and kill themselves, only use guns? That’s rather predictable for supposedly capricious lunatics. And despite meticulous plotting, intent, and taking the time to make manifestos, or other various documentation, and a commitment to maximize the damage and the horror caused, no one decides to use poison, arson, or explosives! I think this is the biggest condemnation of American schooling. Americans today simply have no imagination left, and they can’t dream big. Even the19 evil men whose holiday fast approaches had no strategic integrity or real imagination. They could fly all over the country unmolested with machines that could apparently destroy massive metal structures and create fires hot enough to burn steel; yet, rather than strike the hoover dam and our all-too-vulnerable nuclear plants, cutting off the electric of most of the nation and producing a meltdown worse than chernobyl, effectively removing all troops back here to manage the damage of which would take years if not decades to recover from, at the same time freeing their sacred land, and making Israel wholly vulnerable, they opt instead for symbolic gesture.

    It’s always interesting to analyze what happened, but it can be an interesting exercise to consider what did not happen, or is not taking place. I don’t think I’ve heard people take this angle, and I don’t ever like to mention it because I don’t like putting these thoughts out into the aether if you take my meaning, but these events are taking place so often now and so ubiquitously that I thought I’d set it out there just to get it off my mind.

    We are way more vulnerable than most people suspect. We simply have a false sense of security, and this is the lever that social engineers are using to manipulate the masses now. I wonder if the reason that these episodes, these shootings, have become so drastic is because the the masses have built up resistance to propaganda do to its abundant use. Thats not to say that they are more apt to recognize it, but they are less pat to be moved. Maybe eighty years ago a clever jingle and some clever words by an authority figure was enough to sway large groups, you could use killing sparingly, but as the shock value has warn off the prevalence of it has to increase, and the sense of proximity has to get closer. I don’t know. This thought just came to me as I was writing.

    The long ones are good. It goes from prepping food to washing dishes.

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