Jay on BR: Debating Aliens, Dystopan Film & Classical Liberalism

I join the Boiler Room regulars for a discussion that delves into debating aliens/UFOs, the best conspiracy-based and dystopian films, and the question of the philosophical presuppositions of classical liberal political philosophy and anthropology.

Stream or download the MP3 here.

Apologies for the loud vaping – I was on the go and didn’t realize I wasn’t on mute. -Jay

13 Comments on Jay on BR: Debating Aliens, Dystopan Film & Classical Liberalism

  1. Thanks for “schooling” the subjective views. Hello, I have studied UFOs for many years (c.100 references) and have seen that Jacques Valee, John Keel, Gilbertson and Roberts, and esp. Wilson have rational explanations for this crap. Glad you called out their “bullshit.”

  2. Classical liberalism posits man as basically good, while classical conservatiism posits man as basically bad (ie:fallen)

  3. Paul Joseph Watson is a good guy

  4. Bob Sacamano // August 26, 2015 at 11:37 pm // Reply

    The Alien mythology is sketchy as h***. Just look at all the shady characters that created it.

  5. I think it was Catherine Austin Fitts who said when asked about UFO’s “I haven’t seen anything that can’t be explained by mind control and black ops.” As you said, the space alien meme is great cover for black ops, covert technology and a huge time sink. But it does attract paying crowds at Sci-Fi conventions. It think aliens and soft porn are the biggest attractions at those events.

    I was surprised to learn that you have never seen Deliverance. It was nominated for Best Picture in 1973 but lost out to The Godfather. Actually I find the film to be very good, if not great. Great performances were turned in by Jon Voigt, Ned Beatty and even Burt Reynolds. You have keen insight into movies and I’d be very interested in your analysis of the film. Just a suggestion. Take care.

  6. If it’s any consolation the infamous rape scene is portrayed in a very negative light and is not treated as a valid life style choice

  7. The Fermi Paradox: Where are all the Aliens?

  8. Mirage Men is a good documentary on how the US military has intentionally promoted the space alien myth. I suspect the more lurid accounts of alien abductions might have something to do with mind control experimentation.

  9. Thanks for calling the UFO phenomena for what it truly is- psyop. That woman was really into the Coast to Coast AM cult!

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