Reality’s Rogue Nation: Mission Impossible 5 Analysis

Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust.
Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust.

Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust.

By: Jay Dyer

In Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Tomkat returns to save the world, er, Tom, minus the Kat. In the last installment of Ethan Hunt’s (modeled after CIA spymaster Howard Hunt), the “Impossible Mission Force” was able to halt the enigmatic “Cobalt” in his apocalyptic attempt to kickstart evolutionary abiogenesis by nuking the globe. As highlighted before, the film revealed a great deal concerning real-world depopulation stratagems, hearkening to the likes of Bill Gates, Ted Turner and Prince Charles. In this week’s blockbuster, something equally as sinister, and infinitely more complex is explored in the plot – that of the subterfuge of British Intelligence.

Locating a crate of hijacked nerve gas by Chechen terrorists, Ethan Hunt is activated for a new mission to track down a mysterious Syndicate, following new leads in a London record store that operates as a front for what he believes is western intelligence. Bookstores and tailors are classic fronts, but the use of music shop is interesting, recalling The Prisoner series, where No. 6 signals he is receiving messages from outside agents, and in Hunt’s case, he appears to have met his match as he is gassed and nabbed by this new organization.

With Hunt disappearing and the IMF disbanded due to government inquiry, the CIA takes over the role of Col. L Fletcher Prouty “Secret Team” style operations formerly helmed by Hunt, while the IMF team is accused of collusion with international crime. Hunt, in captivity, learns the Syndicate is enabling international false flag terror plots, assassinations and large-scale disasters in a long chain of managed chaos.

The film’s most interesting and artistic sequence is the Turandot opera in Vienna, Austria, where two assassins accompany Hunt’s femme fatale lead, Ilsa Faust, seeking to gain entrance to the Syndicate by assuring the assassination of the Austrian Chancellor (should she fail). There is reference here to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by British SIS that sparked World War I. The plot of Turandot functions as the backdrop to Rogue Nation, as three riddles must be solved for the opera’s Prince to obtain the hand of the Princess.

Passing the tests, the Princess is still unwilling to marry him so a compromise is offered – if she can guess his name before dawn the next day, he will die and release her from the bond. In Rogue Nation, Ethan and Ilsa Faust exchange offers of a “way out” following her three failed tests for gaining entrance to the Syndicate. Faust’s name is overtly significant, with Dr. Faust representing the “deal with the devil,” as we discover Ilsa is actually under the thumb of British Intelligence, entrapped into infiltrating the Syndicate by her MI6 handler, Attlee.

Death in Turnadot.

Death in Turnadot.

Ultimately, the significance of the opera is quite transparent: Just as the assassination occurs at a certain note in the opera representing the lead’s death, so the assassin’s cue is the deathnote. Expand this principle into twilight language and the message is this: The characters in the play are playing out a script, in the exact same fashion as the oligarchs and their intelligence agencies manage the puppet strings of world events. The World is a Theater in the sense that power elites stage manage world events with the same precision as a symphonic composition. Understand this point well, since it is the entire message of the film. The rabbit hole, the Alice in Wonderland twists and turns of the intelligence world’s hall of mirrors are the background to reality’s “big events” in the same way Turandot is the background to Mission Impossible 5. That is, MI 5 – quite an interesting title.

This terror squad constitutes the “Rogue Nation” of the film’s title, and in my thesis is the film’s true revelation is not the plot narrative, but rather that this is precisely how the world is run. As Jay’s Analysis has argued, the numerous anomalies, patterns, stagecraft and media-complicit deception in the large-scale, real-world “terror” events, ranging from 9/11 (more recently) to 7/7 to disappearing planes, mass shootings, and ISIS, are actually the work of elite western intelligence. In fact, as Ethan flees his Syndicate and CIA assassins, he discovers a vast array of disasters were the handiwork of the Syndicate, including a missing passenger plane that disappeared over the ocean and a bank crash.

Promotional IMAX poster.

Promotional IMAX poster.

These fictional events appear to have obvious reference to recent media mysteries, including two Malaysian Planes, the 2008 crash and/or a host of IMF (International Monetary Fund) economic terror attacks against nations like Spain, Ireland, Ukraine and Greece. Also mentioned is a “triggering of a civil war,” which could be a stand in for numerous references. This “anti-IMF” is presented as an oppositional force to the establishment, recruiting the world’s best international agents following their faked deaths. I have opined in numerous interviews that doubles and staged deaths are far more common that most assume, and here is a Hollywood hint. (See also this film as another example).

Following a barrage of scenes intent on wowing audiences with spy culture gadgetry, the climactic secret is that British Intelligence is secretly behind the Syndicate, and its rogue leader, Solomon Lane is actually being funded by Attlee, the presumed head of MI6. Solomon as the skeleton key of “terror” for Attlee is a significant name for further obvious reasons, suggesting Solomon’s Key and the use of the dark arts (black ops), in unison with the devilish name of Ilsa Faust.

The suggestion seems to be that MI6 has made a deal with the devil, so to speak, to stage manage world terror events at the behest of the Atlanticist establishment, while such terror funding could never be traced back to western intelligence elites due to the high tech encryption known only to Attlee. As a side note, it is worth mentioning that Jeremy Renner’s character, William Brandt, is also the name of an outed CIA operative, Willy Brandt. These are (glaringly opaque) clues that the film is undoubtedly revelation of the method.

And I daresay is it revelation of the method that comes damn dear to revealing reality in strikingly lucid terms, were it not for the absurd solution that America and its “Secret Team” of the IMF are the saviors of a broken system where “desperate times require desperate measures.” In other words, yes, the system is broken, but don’t listen to whistleblowing malcontents, salvation can only come through the American establishment. Yet as we’ve seen with so many similar plots (and this film is very similar to Quantum of Solace and Skyfall), the joke is on the bamboozled populace, inasmuch as the film simultaneously reveals the actual world controllers as it assures these same scoundrels will save the day. G.I. Joe runs Cobra.

22 Comments on Reality’s Rogue Nation: Mission Impossible 5 Analysis

  1. Since the entire global economic system is rigged and a pretty much a shell game, the elites must keep the people on edge and in fear, hence the Shock Doctrine or strategy of tension. The wars, civil wars, terrorism, financial panics, fake pandemics (Ebola! bird flu!) and perhaps even “natural” disasters are either created by the Atlanticists or at least exploited by them to more concentrate power in their hands and weaken any potential competitor (Full Spectrum Dominance). The idea is to never allow for a “dull moment” that is a moment of calm and peace for the fear that the people will start asking the right questions. Keep them fearful (ISIS, Ebola etc.)and amused (Disney, Super Bowl, Caitlin Gender etc.) As Thomas Pinchon wrote, “if you they get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.”

    But how could have Willy Brandt been a CIA asset? He was the champion of Ostpolitik which the CIA opposed. Right?

  2. Well done, Jay. It’s become apparent to me that the conversion of real-life elite crimes into mass entertainment has the practical effect of trivializing it in the public mind, thus defusing conspiracy as a serious topic for “sane people”. Like the presidential race is just pro wrestling in suits, everything now is for our amusement. “Are you not entertained?!”

  3. I agree with much of what you lay out in this article. However, I do not believe that Western intelligence agencies are capable of the level of scripting that is evident on both a macro and micro scale – particularly when you experience synchronicity on the micro scale – in your own everyday life (whatever that means, as synchronicity undermines the very notion that we live a mundane humdrum existence. There is indeed scripting and a scriptwriter wanting very much to be noticed by the scripted – its must not Western intelligence.

    • There are of course higher level angelic powers.

      • Or perhaps former angels. As Milton’s Satan says “It is better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven.” Okay I got the quote from watching Star Trek, not from actually reading Paradise Lost. Personally I like Hegel’s notion of the cunning of reason that posits whereas men can plan do to do evil their actions always wind up serving God’s will.

      • That’s what I meant.

  4. There was a time when I thought all the talk about Satanism and the Occult was just wacky conspiracy theory BS. Then I did a some research and discovered that intelligence agencies were using satanic groups and various cults in their covert ops. This connection goes way back. So I thought, okay, however strange this was just a way for the spooks to get the job done (smuggle drugs, human trafficking, sexual black male etc). But the more I learned about S&B, Bohemian Grove, and elite deviance, I began to suspect there just must might be a direct spiritual link between ruling elite and Old Scratch.

  5. While you have likely already seen this fascinating piece, it is worth another look:

    Now imagine that on the day of your first viewing, you also happened to have petted a goat (a precious little baby goat) for the first time in your life in a ancient and beautiful forest Synchronicity, Juxtaposition, whatever it is to be called, something very strange is going on. But I am preaching to the choir . . .

  6. Zack Steiner // August 9, 2015 at 5:50 am // Reply

    Excellent review, Jay, as always. It seems that this movie, along with the recent Kingsmen and the last three Bonds nicely complement one another, and lay bare “the Method.” Those in the know must be in tears from laughter because despite the blatant in-your-face “here’s Johnny!” tactic of revealing all their magick tricks, the general amnesiac public still does not see it. The juxtaposition makes one’s head spin.

  7. Nice! This:”(See also this film as another example).” needs a hyperlink.

  8. Bob Sacamano // August 11, 2015 at 1:26 am // Reply

    During the BCCI scandal, senior executives of the bank referred to a “black network”. The influence of this “black network” turned out to be so pervasive that even the official investigators of the scandal suspected they had been put under surveillance by this network, which was described as a “a global intelligence operation [with] a Mafia-like enforcement squad”.

    The famous Time Magazine article on the BCCI scandal:

    B.C.C.I.: The Dirtiest Bank of All
    How B.C.C.I. and its black network became a financial supermarket for crooks and spies — and how the U.S. is trying to cover up its role
    By Jonathan Beaty and S.C. Gwynne, July 29, 1991

    “I could tell you what you want to know, but I must worry about my wife and family — they could be killed.”

    — a former top B.C.C.I. officer

    “We better not talk about this over the phone. We’ve found some bugs in offices that haven’t been put there by law enforcement.”

    — a Manhattan investigator probing B.C.C.I.

    Only a handful of reporters ever reported on this black network. Among the exceptions was Jack R. Payton, editor of the St. Petersburg Times, who in October 1992 wrote:

    “Well I’ve just finished slogging through a 794-page government report on the scandal, and believe me it’s even worse than I thought. Much worse.

    Consider, for a moment, what it might mean to have an organization around that could pull off the following: Manipulate the Central Intelligence Agency and the spy agencies of Britain, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Syria, Israel and who knows how many others all at the same time…; Help Pakistan buy nuclear technology on the international black market…; Launder drug money for the Medellin cocaine cartel in Colombia; Bankroll Abu Nidal, the most notorious terrorist in the world; Handle Manuel Noriega’s finances in Panama; Procure prostitutes, some of them children, for traveling Middle Eastern potentates; Rig international commodity markets so that a few insiders could make hundreds of millions of dollars in a single day; Intimidate potential opponents to the point that they feared for their lives. There’s a lot more, but you get the idea.

    This is scary enough as it is. The reason we may never know is that as thorough as the Senate investigation may have been, it didn’t have access to reams of information that could shed more light on BCCI. The CIA has several hundred reports on BCCI but allowed the subcommittee to look at only three of them. British authorities also have a stockpile of information on BCCI they won’t make available because it was classified by British intelligence, MI-5.

    But despite the years of investigation, the arrests and confiscations, even the Senate subcommittee had to admit that we may never know the full extent of BCCI’s crimes, how many top politicians it bribed or if it really had a so-called “black network” of assassins who would eliminate anyone who got in its way.

    Even so, what we do know about BCCI is mind-boggling. It’s also incredibly complicated – as the Senate subcommittee itself admits, almost beyond comprehension.”

    A few years after the reports on this black network, the Comuele scandal in Belgian broke out. After an elaborate investigation, gendarmerie investigators working on the ATLAS dossier, wrote:

    “To comprehend this nebula, it is necessary to abandon traditional financial or political logic; this is not merely a question of nation, political party, or of ordinary economics.

    Our conclusion would be that at least over the last twenty years, the economic powers, some of which mafia types, have allied themselves with political forces and organized criminal structures, and reached the 4th stage of money laundering, namely, Absolute Power.

    It has been specified to us that at the present moment these characters control 50% of the world economy.

    One should not lose sight of the fact that this nebula would control the majority of the financial traffic, as well as the highest political leaders, worldwide.

    This same structure could, if it wanted, put pressure on the most important cities of this world, controlling in each one almost everything (energy, communications, provisioning of water, environment….) … in order to impose itself, its strategy has been to use corruption, and has done so for many years.”

    – Introduction of a Belgian gendarmerie report to a number of senior officials, District of Liege, November 21, 1994.

    “The idea of a CIA with unlimited power is a myth. The CIA is purely a bureaucratic organization. In the 1990s, after the Cold War and after the Aldrich Ames case, there were multiple financial cuts and employee layoffs at the CIA. … Now the best people do not work for the CIA, but rather in private enterprise and in analytical centers, where they pay more, have better technical equipment and working conditions, and where there are less bureaucratic restrictions.”

    – Anton Surikov, GRU agent and Director of ‘Far West’, a firm founded in cooperation with KBR Halliburton

  9. I gathered that the theme of “anti-establishment” films from movie houses is that there has been an infiltration (rogue members) of these factions and there will be one chance to act so make it count. If you noticed when he walked into the record store, the black/white tile adornment was at the entrance and then he and the secretary exchange the secret password to
    enter, denoting his initiated status.
    Masons are considered rogue against the crown/Vatican hence
    the label as dissenters and heretics. Their oath is to free all of man and mankind from external governing, because every being is divine and sovereign. There are signatures of the groups throughout these films and shows using symbolism that adepts can pick up. Judging from T.C.s flicks, all have a theme of being oblivious to his purpose, coming into awareness of it, and breaking out
    to rectify and battle whomever is at the helm. MI5 gave me insight that there are folks working on behalf of humanity, but also triggering in the observer the will to do the same.

  10. You missed the reference to Cultural Marxism. When Hunt listens to the record message it mentions the secret organization that has set out to destroy western civilization. That is a reference to “Western Marxism” popularly called “Cultural Marxism” because of the Gramsci-Marcuse-Fromm influence.

  11. I concieve most people don’t understand that this actually is more negative for the “conspiracy theorists”. Why?

    Firstly, the Syndicate is actually the GOOD guys in the second half of the movie. Solomone said “First we wanted things not to change, now we want things to change.” And they actually turned against the system and aim to destroy it. They made IMF look good in the end and people will unconsciously connect it to something good.

    Secondly – Syndicate is made a “Terrorist organization”, and this is cruicial. Because very soon activists or revolutionaires will be tagged as “Terrorists”.

    Thirdly – The purpose of some “awakening” movies is NOT to awake. It’s purpose is to ridicule and hide it in plain sight. When you talk to people about the state of the world, and they will eventually say in a negative “You mean like in MI 5…..?” “Yes” “Dude, relax, it’s just a movie haha.”. It has happened to me many times.

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