Mega-Interview: Jay on David Lynch Dreamscapes, Sciencegods & High School Hijinks

The Afternoon Commute’s Hoax Busters Call invited me back for a mega-interview. Topics covered in this podcast include: Brave New World, metaphysics, Huxley, The Organization Man, scientism, suppressed technology, David Lynch, dreamstates, occult Psy Ops, the divine council of sciencegods, false flag shootings, Neo-Darwinism, historical scams, ancient myths and warfare, Hollywood, AIDS, Piltdown Man and Teilhard, controlled science and “peer review consensus,” Idiocracy, logical fallacies, female psychology and sexual attraction, narcissism, the dark triad, feminism and pick-up artists, Silence of the Lambs, gas lighting, female cunning, Scarface, establishment trust, worldviews and paradigms, debate and rhetoric, Her and virtual babes, Welcome to Me, lotto scams, casinos and technological tracking, cult of personality, Farmville and Candy Crush nonsense, meta synthetic surveillance, state funded talismans.

Download the MP3 Here.


2 Comments on Mega-Interview: Jay on David Lynch Dreamscapes, Sciencegods & High School Hijinks

  1. I had the opportunity to listen to the entire show yesterday. Great talk. The Nuke hoax thing is hard to swallow but then again we’ve been lied to about so many things (foundational things no less) over the years, that I cannot reject the idea out of hand. The nuclear test films have always looked funny to me and Chris may be on to something about the role Lookout Mountain in Laural Canyon had in the supposed hoax. Why would a covert state of the art film studio be necessary to simply develop footage of A-bomb tests? Wow, what a relief it would be if nuclear bombs were just a psy-op and the psychopaths in charge didn’t have the capacity to destroy civilization in an afternoon. That said, Nagasaki and Hiroshima appeared to have been leveled by something big. A mega blockbuster bomb perhaps? Honestly though, best I can do right now is be agnostic on the matter. As Jay pointed out, one strategy of the psy-warriors may be to release or leak out fake technology so as to exaggerate their abilities, like the aforementioned mountains of human corpses that reportedly ringed Ghengis Khan’s encampments.

    As for the alleged moon landings, well let’s just say it was probably more technologically feasible to fake them than do actually do them. When you really think about, all the actual evidence we have of successful manned lunar missions are boastful claims from institutions that have proven to be congenitally dishonest with the taxpayers who are forced to fund them.

  2. Regarding “To Die For”, don’t know why I remember this, it was also, before Van Sant’s movie, one of those “movie of the week” with Helen Hunt called “Murder in New Hampshire”. She didn’t want to be a weather girl, but was the same story. I think that one with Ann-Margaret followed a similar story too, “Seduced by Madness”.

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