Half Audio: Plato’s Republic Part 1, Magical Rings & Secret Societies

In this half audio for non-subscribers, I begin the analysis of Plato’s Republic, covering books I and II, setting the stage for what will be the ideal city. Also contained in Book II is a fascinating discussion of the Hellenic mysteries and the Ring of Gyges, the magical talisman from a giant that grants the power to be invisible. Is this ring only a morality tale, or does it signify hidden metaphysics and secret techne?

This is a partial lecture, the full version can be obtained by subscribing to JaysAnalysis for 4.95 a month, as well as access to archived talks and interviews, at the subscription tab above.

Articles referenced include:

Plato’s Cosmology and Achilles’ Shield Compared

The Mystery of the Serpentine Mirror

The Leiden Egyptian Magical Papyri

The Hermetica

The Mystery of the Serpent by Hans Leisegang

Egyptian Mysteries of God and Nature in Relation to Modern Geopolitics

6 Comments on Half Audio: Plato’s Republic Part 1, Magical Rings & Secret Societies

  1. link your triad article, it is important!

  2. do you think, in book I, Thrasymachus makes Adam Smith’s argument?

  3. Raymond Munro // July 23, 2015 at 10:57 am // Reply


    I signed up for a subscription and haven’t heard anything. Thanks, Ray Munro

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  4. my question is not particularly framed at this topic, but at a few points especially in light of the different levels of Plato’s Cave the following came to mind…

    are you familiar with Gary Z. McGee, the supposed ex naval intelligence officer turned philosopher who is a highly prominent contributing author on many of the recently emergent and trending blog sites routed through social media?

    One of his main central tenets is that supposedly we are all creator “gods”…

    this mass opium rhetoric is repeatedly popping up from multiple different web blogs through social media and is becoming ingrained in the collective mind.

    Now his supposed past as an ex naval intelligence officer who has had some sort of personal revelation and is now dispersing varieties of neo paganism to the emerging generation through mass social media begs a lot of questions…. any thoughts?

    is his status as a true philosopher existing outside of the blinding cave that the masses occupy, and now simply operating to illuminate those in the dark with “truth” genuine, or do you think other more insidious machinations could be at play?

    this is just one example of things that seem to be trending through social media applications

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