3 Comments on Jay w Jennifer Sodini on BR: Gender, Platonism & Futurism

  1. caution re: Jennifer

  2. Phatsoman Cellulotus // July 10, 2015 at 7:20 pm // Reply

    July 10, 2095

    Direct Transmission from the Ministry of Morale (MOM)

    * The Americas Supreme Court rules in favor of legalizing marriage between man and animal. Beastiality is legalized across the Americas

    * The People’s Union of the Americas Chief Chancellor, Ishit Madrawers proclaimed, “Today, we take another important step on the path of social evolution and enlightenment. All animals who cohabit this earth have a right to share in the pro life social order. Hashtag Love Wins”

    * The biggest critics to the ruling were from the gay and lesbian community who argued marriage should be between human and human. However, opposition morale began to dwindle leading up this ruling when several of their highest ranking officials were caught in a conspiracy to enact terror on the Capital.

    * Biggest spokesperson for the animal kingdom rejoiced the decision by exclaiming “Rarrrrrrlololol.”

    *End Transmission*

  3. (Military) Intel(ligence) Inside

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