Jay Dyer w Tim Kelly-Philosophy of Liberal Economics and Globalism

Jay Dyer joins the show again to continue the discussion regarding “stupid libertarianism” and his article “IQ, Psy-Ops and the Civilization of the Scam.” We discuss libertarianism’s philosophical shortcomings as well as its virtues. We then move on to discuss why so many libertarians refuse to contend with 9/11 Truth or deal with the large body of evidence showing that there is a conspiracy among the ruling elite to impose a New World Order.

Note: I said Gordon Thomas and meant Gordon Correra, 

9 Comments on Jay Dyer w Tim Kelly-Philosophy of Liberal Economics and Globalism

  1. I tip my hat to you, sir, great interview.

  2. modernlifesurvivalist // June 24, 2015 at 8:29 pm // Reply

    Haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but my initial reaction to the title and your key words is the following:

    To most people, “stupid libertarianism” is redundant. Do we really need to perpetuate these tasty keywords for progressives and the general uneducated materialist to enjoy? Not sure if I understand why you’d do this. I guess it makes sense if you can clickbait some stupid mainstream liberals and Neo-Cons who already believe libertarians are dumb. Then set them straight on what you believe the virtues of libertarianism are, elaborating on the vision for it that you espouse.

    I must emphasize solidarity, though. Libertarianism is the right direction. I identify now as a libertarian.

    Also, what constitutes a “stupid libertarian?” Ron Paul and his son are people’s best reference point, and they seem to be taking 9/11 Truth and the Federal Reserve head on. Maybe I’ll update this once I’ve listened to the whole thing.

  3. Hey Jay,

    Got to say love your interviews, seriously good stuff, Farrell is always a blast. The guy always makes my head explode and sucks hours out of my life, now I have research tensor calculus, Gabriel Kron, Burkhard Heim and multi dimensions….

    Apologies, long winded request.

    Anyway I know your a red piller and the pope just came out with a statement right out of left field revoking millennia long tradition on marriage, providing just grounds for the dissolution of marriage.


    It has to be remembered that the former Eastern bloc after the fall of the iron curtain never opened up the secret services archives with respect to the identity of its agents. Apparently the Orthodox church was teeming with double agents and they didn’t want to blow their cover. Even the supposed nationalist, Putin, won’t open up the archives.

    I had an Orthodox priest (great guy, hardcore and old school) confide in me that he couldn’t deny homosexuals the Eucharist otherwise he’d be defrocked, apparently the bishop is gay (quoted Oscar Wilde in a sermon).

    The Serbian church recently had a spate of scandals involving homosexual bishops, no one was defrocked or anathematised (simply pensioned off) as they threatened to spill the beans on other bishops (my priest worked with the Patriarch and has an inside track on what is going on).

    Add to that the Ecumenical Patriarch is one of the leading lights on ‘climate change’ and several years ago removed the anathema on the Roman church.

    I also have an intimate knowledge of the Catholic Church pedophila scandals as a friend worked for a re-insurer of the church and let me in on the cases. I’m no fan of Catholics but it almost looks like homosexuals were deliberately injected into the church as a fifth column element to bring it down, the cases were so blatantly obvious it seems like the pedophiles were moved around to create maximum damage.

    I was wondering if you could do an interview with Kelley on the progressivism infecting the church and the seemingly behind the scenes convergence of the Orthodox and Catholic Church with respect to ecumenism and the homosexual influence. It seems like the churches have been hijacked by external elements hell bent on pushing the globalist agenda.

    Michael Hoffman of Revisionisthistory would also be a great candidate.

    Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 02:33:07 +0000 To: mickeypavic@hotmail.com

  4. We shouldn’t neglect the role foundation money and so-called philanthropy plays in narrowing discourse. Well II alluded to it when I mentioned the American Experience Rockefeller biography. The notion that the super rich donate billions of dollars to charities out of a sense nobles oblige is naive if not fanciful. The suspicion that the great Foundations (Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller etc) are actually engaged in social engineering has been documented and confirmed by the history of the past century. For example, the Ford Foundation supported the mass migration of black sharecroppers from the agrarian South to the industrial North in order to inundate the labor market thus lowering wages. The foundations were also behind so-called racial integration. Although what “integration” really did was result in white flight to the suburbs, a diaspora which was aided and abetted by the taxpayer financed interstate highway system and ultimately resulted in greater de facto segregation. Of course, the construction of highways and resulting suburban sprawl boosted the demand for automobiles and petroleum. Hmmm,

    But back to my original point. Many thinks thanks and libertarian organizations are funded directly or indirectly by the oligarchs. I suspect they are either wittingly or unwittingly controlled by the largesse. It’s an easy compromise to make. After all, you gotta pay for groceries and keep the lights on, so what does it matter from a day to day perspective if you ignore glaring evidence that 9/11 was indeed an “inside job” and that there is a NWO conspiracy and dutifully constrict you criticism to marginal tax rates, government regulations, waste and the official story of the JFK assassination?

  5. here’s the whole interview, don’t know why the posted one got cut off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH6vZvH55Bk

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