Charleston Shooting: Evidence of Stagecraft

The face of a cut-out. Patsy or staged?
The face of a cut-out. Patsy or staged?
The face of a cut-out. Patsy or staged?

By: Jay Dyer

Jay’s Analysis has covered mass shootings in the past, having highlighted key patterns that always emerge in events given major media attention.  These are important to analyze because shootings, disappearances, kidnappings occur fairly regularly, yet curiously only certain “stories” are chosen for exclusive media focus for weeks on end.  Why might that be?  Why is Dylan “Storm Roof” chosen as the media spectacle at the Charleston, SC shooting at the AME Church on June 17th, yet a black man shooting churchgoers is not, nor this black man shooting whites for racial reasons?  As Dave McGowan has observed, in the 70s and 80s the great fear was the omnipresent serial killer, supposedly always an intelligent, middle-aged white male, and since Kent State or Columbine, the transition has been made to the young, white mass shooter (or Cho-Seung Hui).  (Charleston is also the location of the dubious black church burnings of the 90s).

In regard to our last so-called mass shooting, Elliot Rodgers supposedly killed numerous college age girls and, predictably, posted his “manifesto.”  I wrote concerning what appears to be a mass media Psy Op, and with Roof all the same signs are seen.  This time around, however, the racial component has been added for good measure, fueling the Soros-funded strategy of 2015 as the summer of racial rage.  I wrote last year:

1. The killer/suspect is associated with the establishment in some relatively high level way.  Loughner was a fan of, and had attended Giffords’ events.  Breivik was associated with bizarre “Knights Templar” and masonic groups, Holmes was involved in advanced mind control programs, and Lanza’s father did have a connection to the Libor rigging scandal.  Now, with Elliot Rodger, there is a connection to high level Hollywood.  In any major media psy op of this nature the actor in the scenario is someone chosen from among the establishment’s own ranks or outer circles, often with some familial connection to military intelligence.

2. The event is ready-made to run on the mainstream media, on the spot, with the narrative already loaded into the teleprompters.  Indeed, within hours, we have heard that the shooter visited men’s rights sites and was trying to work on his “game.”  Since he had apparently failed at this, and at Hollywood, it logically follows that men and sexuality are the root of the evil.   It’s never Hollywood and the culture of death itself or Prozac that are responsible, or course.  Those are non-factors for the establishment media, though almost all the mass killers are on SSRI drugs.

3.  The shooter’s “details” emerge, with a cartoonish, voluminous “Manifesto” that appears out of nowhere “online.”  Laughably, the mainstream propaganda machine parrots endlessly how the innernetz is untrustworthy and cannot be used for gathering alternative news analysis, but when it comes to shooter/terrorist “Manifestos” shady internet sources are never wrong!  They just appear – poof!  Right after the event, prepackaged and politicized to demonize the target group the psy op was intended to attack.  In this case, it was gun owners and masculinity.  In all the previous cases, even though it was not true, the media immediately accused “gun owners,” “video games,” “men/masculinity” (identified and caricatured as misogyny), “conservatives,” “veterans,” “racism,” etc.  Essentially, anyone who is not a gay Marxist or feminist is pure evil.

4. Ready-made gun control legislation was in the works to be immediately trotted out the following day.  In this case, Senator Keen revives gun control legislation following the Elliot Rodger shooting.  Surprise! – one of the victim’s fathers is ready father immediately pins the blame on guns!  The Hollywood cult of conformity foams at the mouth to implement the utopian myth of total technocracy, oblivious to reality and nature, as if the inland empire of illusion will be able to mind control the entire populace into accepting the new world order.  Never mind that a socialist technocracy will be an utter nightmare, the Leftist Cult of Mindlessness, run by corporate fascists above them, and international banks above them, never cease to give up their dreams of rewriting all of reality as if it were one of their screenplays.

5.  The shooters are always conspicuously killed, suicided or nowhere to be found (aside from Breivik).  There’s no talking to Holmes, Dorner, Cho, Rodgers, Lanza, etc., because they always shoot themselves or are shot.  Holmes is still around, but you’ll not hear from him, as he was drugged out of his mind.  Following a host of nonsensical, conflicting accounts of what transpired, we can always rest assured the killer will not be able to comment.  Conflicting accounts of what guns were used, how many people were killed, and how it was pulled off, will be ignored and forgotten.  The only thing that will remain in the mainstream media repeat cycle will be the killer’s fetishes and the need for gun control and removing all penises from the earth. It’s all the more ironic and synchronicitous, since I just wrote about Hollwood brainwashing a few days ago.

6. The mainstream media will revel in the bizarre use of twilight language, filled with double meanings, innuendos and clues that fly over the heads of the zombie public.  In this case, there is a play on the title “Hunger Games killer,” given that he was hungry for sex and couldn’t attain it in the market, and lacked “Game,” as lifted from the men’s rights and pickup artist sites.  His hunger was such that since he lacked game, he had to kill guys, even though his ridiculous, cartoonish “Manifesto” said he would kill blondes.  In the twilight language, the killer will be likened to some film or pop culture figure they either did or did not (in reality) have a fascination with.  Columbine boys were like Neo in the Matrix, Holmes was Batman/Joker, Lanza was in some video game, and Elliot Rodgers is now associated with Christian Bale from American Psycho.  Why, it’s almost as if they are…actors following a script.

With Roof, all the ridiculous staged elements are beginning to surface.  Shawn Helton of 21stCentury Wire has detailed the anomalies and inconsistencies that have emerged to date:

There are critics who question the ‘official narrative’ of the Charleston shooting, due to its seemingly ready-made storyline, in addition other details revealed since the dramatic incident took place.

On June 18th, in a Boston Globe news release, we learned that the allegedly racially motivated shooter Roof, had dozens of ‘black friends’ listed on his apparent Facebook profile, a profile that has since been deleted:

“His Facebook page has since been removed. But before it was taken down, I combed through the list of 81 “friends” to see if anyone could tell me anything about him. I couldn’t help but notice that Roof had a penchant for befriending black people.”

The report speculates that Roof was merely a twisted voyeur, collecting Facebook friends out of hate. However, it’s important to note, that if Roof is the same person who wrote the manifesto discussed above, its extremely doubtful he would have befriended people of a different race based on the nature of the text.

‘Staging Hate?’ – Many photos of Roof depict heavy-handed symbolism for dramatic effect. (Photo link

Was the Charleston shooting about race, guns or something else?

While the world was fully focused on the events unfolding in Charleston, the US House of Representatives pushed through the ‘fast-track’ Trade Promotion Authority, enabling large-scale trade deals such as the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) to move ahead with little to no obstruction from US leaders.

‘Acting Out Violence’ – U.S. Army Sgt. Megan Girr seen during a simulated drill. (Photo link

Roof is said to be from Eastover, South Carolina, and is said to have planned the attack over the last 6 months. Eastover recently ran a multi-agency drill with the South Carolina Army National Guard, which simulated casualties during a training exercise at McCrady Training Center, on June 30th, 2014.

We’ve seen evidence of active shooting drills or exercises prior to other alleged attacks and shootingsis this a coincidence or pattern?

We should also consider that SSRIs have often been linked to events like Sandy Hook, the Aurora theater shooting, the Tuscon shooting, as well as other high-profile shooting events… ”

Roof’s newly-created Facebook profile was primarily black friends, many of whom were also newly created profiles.  For a person of his age, a newly-created blog replete with a “manifesto” (registered in Russia?) and newly-created social media profile is uncommon.  Generally, his age niche has hundreds of friends with a longer Internet footprint, yet Roof oddly mirrors Adam Lanza in this respect, replete with bowl cut and all.  Given the presence of drills, a tell-tale sign of stagecraft and covers, we can also expect to see odd behavior from (bad) crisis actors that recall Robbie Parker from Sandy Hook fame.  It is also odd that his bond hearing was televised for mass audience viewing, which suggests the entire affair is designed to achieve maximal emotional effect.  As a side note – “Dylann Storm Roof” – is that a name for a mass shooter or a soap opera lead/weather man?

Is this evidence of a crisis actor?  It is certainly possible, when we keep in mind gun control is the other important factor in these events, as the problem-reaction-solution formula inevitably leads to calls by government for restricting and banning firearms.  In fact, New York City was recently caught staging a fake “public service announcement” utilizing a fake gun shop, using actors buying “Lanza” and “James Holmes” guns.  “Guns with History” is completely fake. Shooter’s Log comments:

“In an exclusive, the Shooter’s Log has learned that actors were used to portray customers in a fake gun shop “public service announcement” produced by States United Against Gun Violence earlier this year.

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Media has confirmed these facts in its response to a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request submitted in March.

“States United To Prevent Gun Violence opens a ‘gun store’ in NYC as a hidden camera social experiment to debunk safety myths,” the CeaseFire USA project claimed in its description of the video. The “social experiment,” like the “gun shop” itself, was pre-arranged, permits approved by the city indicate.

“Actors are interviewed on camera in a fake gun store,” the permits’ scene descriptions reveal.”

While I am not definitively stating I know all aspects of this event were staged, like Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing, it is important to consider this possibility as we learn more about Sandy Hook, mass Psy Ops and the use of crisis actors becomes more widely known.  I would like to highlight ISIS videos (see this archive for ISIS exposes at JaysAnalysis) as a potent reminder that intelligence controlled mass media has no problem scripting mass events, as well as mentioning yet again the fake war broadcast by Charles Jaco for CNN in Gulf War I.

As I have written ad nauseam the last few years, the strategy of tension we have seen in other nations as a function of U.S. foreign policy based around color revolutions and destabilization are the same Psy Ops run here in the homeland.  The same think tanks and foundations that dream up the “revolutions” for minorities are behind the same unrest domestically.  I wrote:

“Destabilization of regions is a classic tactic of political intrigue, yet most people think the color revolutions and “Arab Springs” are real.  Not only are they not real (although there are real discontents among the populace), the “springs” are revolutions that are engineered, with the recent trend including the implementation of social media in fostering fake revolutions.  These revolutions are engineered by front groups for the purpose of controlling Eurasia.   This was the geo-political stratagem of the West which was announced years ago, and Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke of the necessity of controlling Eurasia to control the world for the American Empire.  Destabilization is the neo-conservative approach to this area, however, and if we recall last year, Henry Kissinger noted that we would see a series of acts of destabilizations in the Middle Eastern nations that were, in a large part, given impetus by color revolutions.”

Many are discovering the patterns of the “shooters,” but setting aside the question of how real or staged each event is, which is itself a high level Psy Op to gauge online reactions through algorithmic tracking, the higher level pattern is that of the strategy of domestic tension (order out of chaos) in hyping a race war and coming to the rescue with more centralized, technocratic police state control.  From Ferguson to Baltimore, from Lanza to Roof, the inimical mass media psychological warfare program is a unified one, constructed around racial and gender division with calls for the medical establishment to psychologically diagnose and monitor individuals as a means to restrict and ban guns based around loose, redefined categories of “mental illness” to disarm on a mass scale.

29 Comments on Charleston Shooting: Evidence of Stagecraft

  1. Pope of Discordia // June 22, 2015 at 5:21 pm // Reply

    How about Department of Homeland security running a training course called “ASTITP – Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program” from 15th -19th June IN CHARLESTON. I’m sure its just a coincidence…….

  2. only scanned this article, though quickly……
    roof is really John Christian Graas, actor & US Marine.
    adam Lanza changed his name to Ryan and is alive, playing the part of a brother.
    No one died at Sandy Hook, pictures on net of actor report/check-in station in full view.
    phone records show telephone lines were disconnected 4 years prior at the school.
    the whole town made bags of money for participating.
    now gov has started another fund to buy silence with these SC families.
    sniff, sniff, sniff…….the smell of rats participating in a poorly staged event.
    they get sloppier and sloppier every time.
    they want a change in gun laws.
    the only one that needs changing is that we all need to adapt Texas new law…..
    open carry. then bystanders could use the crisis actors for target practice!
    I love when a plan comes together.

  3. Zack Steiner // June 23, 2015 at 1:02 am // Reply

    Great article, with highly perceptive and keen insight. Once one knows the grammar or “syntax” of the “method”, it becomes a matter of gathering all the data in order to reveal the “stagecraft”.

  4. Between the race wedge, LGBT wedge, ISIS and Climate Change wedges, even the vaccines edge…the steeple are easily steered. As you say, “don’t look at the TPP!”

  5. Bob Sacamano // June 23, 2015 at 5:13 pm // Reply

    E. Michael Jones on black americans as pawns of the revolution

  6. Bob Sacamano // June 23, 2015 at 5:16 pm // Reply

    Stefan Molyneux reached the same conclusion (30 min)

  7. Here’s Dylan, on taking shelter from the storm:

    ‘Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
    When blackness was a virtue the road was full of mud
    I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form
    Come in, she said
    I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

    And if I pass this way again, you can rest assured
    I’ll always do my best for her, on that I give my word
    In a world of steel-eyed death, and men who are fighting to be warm
    Come in, she said
    I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

    Not a word was spoke between us, there was little risk involved
    Everything up to that point had been left unresolved
    Try imagining a place where it’s always safe and warm
    Come in, she said
    I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

    I was burned out from exhaustion, buried in the hail
    Poisoned in the bushes an’ blown out on the trail
    Hunted like a crocodile, ravaged in the corn
    Come in, she said
    I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

    Suddenly I turned around and she was standin’ there
    With silver bracelets on her wrists and flowers in her hair
    She walked up to me so gracefully and took my crown of thorns
    Come in, she said
    I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

    Now there’s a wall between us, somethin’ there’s been lost
    I took too much for granted, I got my signals crossed
    Just to think that it all began on an uneventful morn
    Come in, she said
    I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

    Well, the deputy walks on hard nails and the preacher rides a mount
    But nothing really matters much, it’s doom alone that counts
    And the one-eyed undertaker, he blows a futile horn
    Come in, she said
    I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

    I’ve heard newborn babies wailin’ like a mournin’ dove
    And old men with broken teeth stranded without love
    Do I understand your question, man, is it hopeless and forlorn
    Come in, she said
    I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

    In a little hilltop village, they gambled for my clothes
    I bargained for salvation and she gave me a lethal dose
    I offered up my innocence I got repaid with scorn
    Come in, she said
    I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

    Well, I’m livin’ in a foreign country but I’m bound to cross the line
    Beauty walks a razor’s edge, someday I’ll make it mine
    If I could only turn back the clock to when God and her were born
    Come in, she said
    I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

  8. What is the one thing every shelter must have?

  9. Liberty Loving Jesus Freak // June 24, 2015 at 9:26 am // Reply

    Great stuff Jay. How do you find the time?
    I was thrilled to hear you with James Corbett. He’s one of my favorite sources of news as are you and Red Ice too.
    Keep up the great work. God Bless.

  10. andrea mitchell // June 27, 2015 at 3:00 am // Reply

    you left out, loughner went to the same synagogue as gabby giffords and that elliot rogers grandfather was a famous holohoax photographer

  11. There is a storm coming.

  12. I apologize in advance as I only had a couple minutes to skim this article Jay (and I’m the firts to admit I’m not very good at speed reading), but I had heard this mentioned the day of the next morning of the shooting (I’m a little fuzzy on the timeline). I thought it was a little strange that this would coincide with the shooting event, but maybe I’m having an episode of pareidolia?

    The new African American Attorney General is sworn in on the same day as or within a close time period. Now sure she was probably already selected before, and they probably had confirmation hearings etc, but it’s still suspicious when combined with other circumstantial evidence or lack there of in relation to this high profile shooting and the resulting media coverage in my estimation. make sure to tell me if I’m way off base here. This is just the opinion (at this point, until I have more evidence) of a Yankee who’s trying to understand why the powers that be will still not leave the south and their culture the fuck alone (reference the confederate flag silliness they are trying to lump into this shooting, irrelevant conclusion and a red herring if ever there was one). It’s shameless.

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