Jay w Dr. Joseph Farrell: Hidden Metaphysics, History & Philosophy

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell joined me to discuss all things hidden, from the topological metaphor of Hermes, the mathematical principles behind the gods, the analogues and lattices, frequency and energy, Eastern metaphysics, plasma and the ancient Greeks, Star Wars and the weaponization of space, covert spy and space programs, Heisenberg and Dirac, and the history of Venice and Templarism. Dr. Farrell’s works can be found at his Giza Death Star site.

4 Comments on Jay w Dr. Joseph Farrell: Hidden Metaphysics, History & Philosophy

  1. Correct, empire moved from venice to antwerp, to amsterdam, to london, jews were instrumental in this. Amsterdam and London were both ruled by house of orange at some point.
    Another interesting early sea trade block is the hanseatic league (the hansa), in northern europe. They set up land trade routes over the Alps to Venice too.

    • This is the same faction that is called ‘the west’ today netherlands/uk/usa/israel
      these are the atlanticists, Bilderberg, (Bernhard married into the house of orange)

  2. OFF TOPIC Have you ever looked into the esoteric information in the book Dune? Seem’s like it completely describes the European Nobility’s structure in the guise of Science Fiction. Especially the orders such as the Bene Gesserit.

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