Jay w Tim Kelly: Bilderberg, Plato and Economic Nominalism

Tim Kelly invited me back to discuss the history of Bilderberg and the neo-classical economic theory in light of the trek of western philosophical thought. From the transition out of Platonic methexis into Aristotelian hylomorphism, the economic sphere reflects this nominalism in its free trade and market perspectives over time. Corporatocracy is the death of history and culture and the end of ethnoi. The conversation concludes with the co-opting of libertarianism and “natural rights” philosophy.

MP3 here.

Tim Kelly is a former policy advisor, freelance writer and political cartoonist, is married and has been blessed with six children. His podcast can be found here.

2 Comments on Jay w Tim Kelly: Bilderberg, Plato and Economic Nominalism

  1. Daniel Estulin is the man who exposed the evil plan of unknown western nobles (not Rothschilds, Rockefellers and others with documented wealth and power, we’re talking olive oil magnates with trillions of $) to conquer the world and enslave all of mankind under a corporate cartel (but not world government or other globalist institutions, that’s disinfo). But before we despair, this grandson of a KGB intelligence officer also revealed that standing in their way, defending all that’s good and beautiful in the world, are the heroic leaders of the non-oligarchies Russia and China. The venetians are panicking over the unexpected rise of China, which they did everything in their power to prevent (like massive transfer of technology and capital to China), because the chinese are standing up for sovereignty. One way they do this is by calling for a “super-sovereign reserve currency managed by a global institution” like the IMF (“special consideration should be given to giving the SDR a greater role”).


    Estulin makes a lot of unsubstantiated claims, but we should definitely trust him, because gets his info from sources in the KGB, MI6 and the CIA.

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