Jay w James Corbett: Financial Scams, 9/11 and the Global Order

James Corbett joined me to discuss 9/11 and its lesser-known connections to tech and economic scams and scandals, as well as the suspicious aspects of big insurance companies, global banking, and the rise of the technological control grid.  The conversation closes on issues of China and BRICS and his own book recommendations.

Download the MP3 here.


6 Comments on Jay w James Corbett: Financial Scams, 9/11 and the Global Order

  1. nice interview. I was hoping for a good perspective on BRICS – and it helped. Hadn’t heart of P-Tek(?). What was the spelling of his paradigm (caratocracy?)? and, what was the author and title of the book on gladio 2? – Thanks!

  2. We’re currently being flooded by Hollywood movies in which the the enemy is an international fascist organization. Captain America Winter Soldier, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, SPECTRE, The Man From UNCLE. The Nazi/Fascist International has also been promoted by just about every leader in the alien disclosure movement, which is an obvious hoax. I suspect this is all a psyop and they plan to blame everything wrong with the world on this organisation in order to:

    a) Further demonize opposition to globalism as ultra evil nazism.
    b) Push the notion that the fascists have been sowing division among mankind and undermining our (the globalists) efforts to build a better world. But now that we’ve defeated them we can finally move forward towards a global utopia under the guidance of the wise and well-meaning globalist institutions.

  3. “Robert Lawrence Kuhn (born 1944) is an international corporate strategist, investment banker, and public intellectual. He has a doctorate in brain research and is the author or editor of over 25 books, he is a long-time adviser to China’s leaders and the Chinese government; adviser to multinational corporations on China strategies and transactions; and a frequent commentator on business, finance, and China (he is a columnist for China Daily and South China Morning Post and he appears regularly on the BBC, China Central Television and other major media). For over 20 years, he has worked with China’s senior leaders, advising on economic policy, science and technology, media and culture, Sino-American relations, and international communications. Kuhn is the creator and host of the CCTV News show Closer to China with R.L.Kuhn. Kuhn is the creator, writer, and host of the public television series Closer to Truth, which presents leading scientists and philosophers discussing fundamental issues, particularly cosmos, consciousness, and philosophy of religion.”


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