Rise of the Demotic Freak Cult

Return to Savagery.

Return to Savagery.

By: Jay Dyer

Amongst the British elite, the notion of creating a sluggish, cave-dwelling troll class of Morlocks that parasitically feed on the beautiful, surface-dwelling Eloi that appeared in Wells’ fiction classic, Time Machine, is now becoming realityFrom transgender Bruce Jenner to CIS-gender “social justice warriors” to female “bishops” declaring God a “woman,” our senses are daily assaulted with everything disgusting, inverted and degenerate.  The shape-shifting, race and gender-free entity of the coming age is now the very icon of “freedom,” with the penis-free “equality” propaganda exploding in the last few years.

Purchasing a new gender is precisely the end result of a consumerist, nihilist social order, since the commodification of all reality is a reflection of the transaction and exchange of pure, simple monadic molecules in chaotic chemical reactions.   The logical result of the last several hundred years of western thought climaxes in the nexus of grossly obese “supermodels,” zombie millennials, and assorted other useless freaks who have been deified to the status of an inverted iconography of the profane.  Celebrated for nothing other than being bizarre, mentally ill and parasitical, the Morlock freak class is being purposefully exalted to “normalcy” under the banner of “freedom” and “equality.”  Like zombies, the Morlock freak cult grows daily by converting the young with all the backing of the billionaire class needed to shove their hideous visages in our faces and attempting to control all language.

Freedom and equality, however, are words that do not carry any inherent, clear meaning, as if these concepts somehow exist outside some linguistic context.  As even Plato knew, “democracy” is not actually equality, nor is it inherently free, it is in fact the favored tactic of rule by oligarchy – the convincing of the populace that they are free and equal, when in fact they are complete slaves.  In our day, this slavery is even more pronounced due to the sophistication of the methods of scientific social management.  Bernays himself even quipped that Democracy was a sham puppeteered behind the scenes by invisible oligarchs.  When one combines these methods of manipulation with chemical and technological black magick black ops, the trashification of the public becomes understandable, with both the oligarchs and the Morlock horde that serves them sharing blame.

Post-modernity and post-post-modernity (nihilism) are grounded in the presupposition that ultimate reality is chaotic flux.  Like Neo-Darwinian biology, perpetual evolution is the rehashing of the ancient doctrine of atomism.  Simultaneous with reductionist materialism is the theory that all actions are a machine-like chain of causality, and that “freedom” is an illusion of the “mind” (whatever that is).  Inasmuch as we are still under the rubrics of Newtonian atomism, where all actions are determined by this causal chain, the great illusion of the “self” and “freedom” begin to break down as manifestations of incoherent doublethink, the same powers that be promote total “freedom” and “liberation” that is entirely incompatible with reductionist determinism.  When utilized as a technique of social engineering, these contradictory foundational beliefs of our age, total freedom of will and evolutionary determinism, becoming a striking example of the double-mind.  What the masses think is “freedom” is their own scientifically-designed enslavement.

Horror Stories Vol. 1, No. 2 (Feb., 1935).  Cover by Rudolph W. Zirm

The true horror story – the destruction of the female.

Both of these beliefs are mutually exclusive.  There cannot be strict, naturalistic determinism in which the mind itself is subject to the naturalistic fallacy, and the view that there is a metaphysical category of “person” or “self” as an ontological reality.  One cannot have “freedom” without some metaphysical conception of what a “person” is.  Persons are also the presupposition of the possession of a faculty of will, and that a specific center of identity (soul, self, mind, etc.) exists from which the energy of willing, thinking, and acting flows.  For the goblin orc freak cult, the assumption is “freedom” means complete absence of nature, laws, essence and limitation, when in actuality the opposite is the case: Freedom can only exist under the protection of law, order, nature and meaning, and the reintroduction of these categories means chaotic flux is not the ultimate, governing metaphysical principle for reality.  Language itself signifies a certain thing and imposes limitations, and this is good.

To propose that there is “freedom” for humans presupposes that there are “persons” which possess this freedom.  Yet the belief in particular, individual persons is no longer a viable philosophical concept as a result of the dominance of reductionism and empiricism.  To admit that there are persons is also to introduce into one’s worldview the belief in limitation, essence, and definition.  In other words, a kind of restrictive law returns – the law of identity, for example.

The ability to say “that thing is that thing, and not another thing,” is a fundamental axiom of human experience and necessary for survival, and demonstrates the connection between law, language and meaning.  What we are witnessing with the explosion of the freak cult is what we call in philosophy “epistemic self-consciousness.”  Though the average person is not cognizant of philosophical terminology and ideas, they will nevertheless live out in praxis the basic beliefs they have.  This is to say as follows: As the individual psyche comes to accept more and more self-deception and acceptance of lies, the more they will, over time, attempt to become more consistent with the lies they have preferred.

Neo-liberal political economy has always defined itself negatively, with no positive metaphysical foundation (because metaphysics was jettisoned in its “enlightenment).  With no positive conceptions for “liberty,” it is evident how the mythology of identity and tradition through negative liberty collapses into total negation and nihilism.  The negation of objective social orders and realities, the nominalism of British empirical tradition and its economic cousin, neo-liberal economics evolve into a completely materialistic and chaotic state of being for the masses, with the corporate state stepping into to impose the new order by sheer force of ad hoc, fiat declaration exemplified most clearly in the almost global fiat money scam.  Why would any “free, democratic modern” object to the fiat financial system when they believe in same presuppositions that lead to the fiat gender system?   Why object to anything at all, in the fiat reality system?  If Bruce Jenner is given the name Caitlyn and removes his thang, then that is not a “man.” We are all now Winston before the transgender Ms. Mr. O’Brien and big brothersister.

As the goblin cult ranks grow daily and as words themselves are banned and outlawed, we need a new approach to the language of patriarchal religion, best embodied in the market-style presentation of a religious purchase, that glorious evangelical creedal foundation of the “sinner’s prayer.”  Simply renaming a thing, in the cult mind, makes it so!  For those who are truly repentant of their privilege, I call on you, dear beings, to repent, and surrender your life with me through the Freak Cult’s “Stinker’s Prayer”:

“Dear Goddess, I confess my sins as a white male with a (quite sizeable – my personal version) reproductive organ, and ask that your only Son, the holy Martin Luther King Jr., come into my heart and erase all my patriarchal privilege that I might be a true, genderless, raceless being.”
The new beautiful - the exaltation of laziness and obesity.

The new beautiful – the exaltation of laziness and obesity.  Triple-plus good, Orwell certified!

54 Comments on Rise of the Demotic Freak Cult

  1. Dear Jay – Well, i was right with you until that last bit where you gratuitously trashed Martin Luther King, who was more of a scholar than you will ever be and also, needless to say, had infinitely more character. You, Jay, will never be stepping into certain death, as he was, in the interest of ending the racist slave system that carried on even after the civil war. You, Jay, will never lead a protest of garbage workers in some poor section of some poor city so they could get a living wage. You Jay, with all of your bombast and flamboyant vocabulary are starting to appear to me as a gigantic Left Brain waving around a somewhat insecure dick. Size unimportant. For sure, you will never pen a speech as eloquent and incisive as, in what has come to be called, “Why are we in Vietnam?”

    Enough said about that. I hope you will consider the message in this tough-love letter, and shape up accordingly. Yours, Cindy Laverty

    • MLK was a Marxist plagiarist. Look it up.

      • I was under the impression that he was a progressive Republican, in the David Rockefeller since of the party. He definitely was a registered Republican, or are you implying that he was an agent of Carol Quigleys set?

      • Im not saying he was a conscious agent, I’m saying his message was one of liberation theology, which is Marxism.

      • joellaugh // June 11, 2015 at 3:35 am //

        I do think your correct that he believed in social justice, however it was my understanding that liberation theology was articulated after his assassination. Ok I just looked it up it the term was coined in 1971. It was probably coalescing in certain Catholoc circles in the 1950’s and 60’s.

        I do see it as a valid Christian interpretation, as early Chritianity preached community property,etc. and even Renaissance Christianity ie Girolamo Savonarola, and even medieval heresies such as the Cathars, and Protestant movements such as the Quakers, Amish, Levelers, Doukhobors.

        It may be that it was a Jesuit attempt to provide communist countries with a Christian framework what was compatible with Marxism. Thus allowing the church to function in left leaning countries.

    • In reality, I don’t have a penis – just a large vagina. Typical leftist feminists can’t laugh or enjoy a joke about their fictional civic pseudo-saints.

      • An odd accusation – i have also been Glen Beck-baited by others.
        Excuse me, but i do resist labels and name calling, and btw, i’m somewhat known for being funny. Which may be contrary to your gender view. What next, you gonna call me a femi-nazi? Lol. What if i had posted the same comment as a guy? Which i may be, for all you know. That “feminists have no sense of humor” line is soooo tired. And like i said, so is the whole “feminist” movement, having been quite outted as a Bernays op.
        And if MLK was so precious to the Marxist juggernaut, why was he knocked off?
        All i did was point out your “prayer” gratuitously and crudely trashed MLK, rather unbefitting a man of your [heretofore] intellectual dignity. His main anti-war message has been buried under a load of pious crap by the media, and pretty much all that remains is the “i have a dream” speech which represents the typical co-opting of an assassinated martyr.
        Is it so sissy to be against war?
        Was Smedley Butler some effeminate commie-apologist?
        Please hip me, oh great Vagina.
        ps i rather doubt that you have even heard or read “why are we in Vietnam?”
        All the best,

      • Zzzzzzzzzzzx

      • There’s a rainbow church you should check out – called The People’s Temple. Nice folk

      • Funny you should mention that:
        Jones was a known CIA asset. There’s one to dig into – feel free.

      • Well aware

    • Zack Steiner // June 3, 2015 at 5:13 am // Reply

      Now there’s an uneducated and a rather illiterate comment. Even if one knew next to nothing about MLK, using timeless rules of logic and one’s sense of discernment, as bestowed upon us by Divine Providence, should easily direct you toward better judgement. In this particular case, as with many others, one can use the “MSM rule” to derive the correct answers: i.e. any person or event that mainstream media or mainstream culture exalts and celebrates is *EXACTLY* the opposite. So, if you hear that MLK was a “hero” or a “great man”, it’s absolutely certain that he was a scumbag and a first-rate douche; no need to actually inform yourself further on the matter, nor read this or that fabricated “article” by MLK.

      Time Magazine claims that Asange or Snowden or Bush or Steinem, etc are “Persons of the Year”? That’s an easy one: all these people are, in reality, frauds and psychopaths, ie the exact *opposite* of what is claimed. Next time, use your common-sense before posting a ludicrous rant.

      • “using timeless rules of logic and one’s sense of discernment, as bestowed upon us by Divine Providence,”
        tells me y’all doth protest way too much.

        Your post is so illogical as to be ridiculous. It defies any rule of critical thinking, period. I dont even know where to start.
        Because i happen to admire many of the speeches of MLK and admire his courage for being so outspokenly anti-war, that does not equate to being a sucker for mainstream hype. Ha ha. In fact, in a private email to Mr Jay i pointed out that the man’s work has been co-opted and effectively turned into a hallmark greeting card opportunity – as is the usual case with martyrs. It has been reduced to the “I have a dream” speech, which obviously is now used as a soporific by the media.
        The man knew he was a target and was about to get killed. He went to that goddam garbage workers strike anyhow, so i would ask if either one of you would do that.
        Here’s one speech you are NOT going to hear mentioned on the MSM:
        You yourselves probably have never heard it.
        Also you can check out his very last speech “I’ve been to the mountain”. He knew he was staring down a bullet. Neither JFK or RFK or even Lincoln knew what they were looking at – consciously, at least.
        The man deserves some respect.

      • The fact that someone is killed is no proof he was great. Thugs kill other thugs all the time.

      • scarlettlafevre // June 3, 2015 at 6:12 am //

        You got a losing case here. No “thug” wittingly shows up for his own demise.
        And you did not address any of the points i made.
        I see how unwilling you are to engage in honest dialogue.
        Over and out.

      • Good riddance

      • I don’t dialogue when basic logic and critical thinking are absent. You’re caught up in a basic dialectical box.

      • Here, here! Or in the immortal words of John Judge:
        My rule of thumb, generally, is that if you’ve heard of somebody, they’re probably no damn good.

    • Get. Over. It.

  2. Sun Wukong // June 3, 2015 at 5:22 am // Reply


    Dudes like slim chicks and no amount of propaganda is gonna change that. Transgenders have got to be the most hated and reviled demographic on the planet, moreso even than paedophiles… again, that ain’t gonna change.

    What IS changing is that a technocratic “elite” has technology far beyond what humanity can imagine and selectively destructive power that can vaporize a continent or your neighbor’s Mazda.

    Mind control can now override the will, and you’re better off drowning yourself in a swamp than end up with your consciousness uploaded into one of their mainframes, imprisoned for all eternity…

    Point: Put on a wig and some heels and party it up, mofo, cause the illusion of freedom that we all enjoy is going to turn to dust like the WTC, some ordinary Tuesday morning in the not too distant future…

    Alpha Mike Foxtrot… I’m heading to the swamp…

  3. This is good bye jay. I will no longer be subscribing to these rants because they are no longer making sense . I am done trying to figure out exactly what it is that you are for . Clearly , you are against everything that exists in this world , as it is all some sort of a ploy to you. I’ve tried to beat with you through this feminist hatred you’ve got going on, because I agree that the feminist movement has indeed been high jacked/ created by forces that are not trying to empower women . But I certainly don’t believe that putting women down is some sort of solution , or even a very good way to articulate your thesis. I have now come to the conclusion that you hate women or at the very least are quite ambiguous about them. Mommy problems??? Regardless , I won’t be around to read your responses or your future articles as you have failed to come up with any intelligent way to empower all people …. Or any people .you seem to be unconsciously or perhaps quite consciously adding to the fear mongering and culture / race / gender bashing that main stream media participates in. Yet yours is in a covert , conspiracy orientated , ultra- intellectual way. You are the red neck who got a PhD and is spouting very backward ideas while claiming to be uncovering truths . I’ve had enough I see through you , finally. I suspected this prior but I was trying to see through my own perception filter, being a women I tried not to give in to my own bias . You know the thing you fail to do??? See through your own bull shit.
    In case you want to ever become truly successful rather then just surround yourself with people who you look up because they consider themselves not as smart , try coming up with some sort of solution to empower your sheep. Pointing out all that is wrong is a great talent , but when you grow out of the screaming , fit throughing infant stage maybe you could try pointing people in a direction that actually empowers them to make some positive change in themselves and maybe their local universe. I notice that you respond to almost every three word comment that tells you that you are awesome , but many times you avoid or are extremely defensive to any Critism or even just different perspectives . Maybe you need a retreat to get in touch with some inner darkness and release that shit so you can move up to the next level with your writing and your consciousness . It must be really lonely at the top , Jay. Come back down to earth and chill out with the rest of us. Smoke a joint and listen to some music …. Dare I say get in touch with your feminine side … Clearly you have choked her out to the point shes blue in the face … But like most “emotionally based females ” she’s a part of you. She lives inside you and she will forgive you! Although this was a bit of a snarky message that sunk to depth I do actually wish you well. You are smart , perceptive , and have an audience so for their sake and yours I do hope you are still growing and learning and don’t think you know everything there is to know . Because , while you have explored quite a bit “out there” it seems you would do yourself a favor to go with in for a time and find your reality tunnel and see if you can step out of it to give yourself and your audience a more evolved perspective .
    The goddess loves you even though you šhit on her ❤
    Carrie .

    • No response necessary. Hahaha

    • Zack Steiner // June 3, 2015 at 6:11 pm // Reply

      Yiiiikes!!! Firstly, my sincere apologies for catching you at, ahum, ‘that time of the month.’ It’s that eternal curse of the fair sex that for few days each month, they abandon all reason, rationality, and judgment mutating into hysterical and hormonally-imbalanced wenches far above their baseline emotionalism and irrationality.

      As Shakespeare, in his timeless and absolute wisdom so eloquently informs us through Viola, in regards to the fair gender: “Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we/ For such as we’re made of, and such we be.” (Twelfth Night) Therefore, blaming you for your hysterical hyena-like outburst due to your inherent frailty of character is akin to blaming cats for meowing, dogs for barking, and fish for swimming.

      Over the past six to eight weeks I have closely read a large selection of articles and analysis by Jay, and I can equivocally say that what you claim is so preposterous that it wouldn’t warrant a response were it not for the fact that it’s not you who’s to blame for your imbecility, but your inherent nature. Look, honey, why don’t you take a break from writing for a bit, and focus instead on your beauty and, ahum, booty. Let the men, the real men, engage in such weighty topics, because you don’t want your looks ruined by all the straining in thought and deep analysis. Heck, it may irrevocably hurt your chances of finding that handsome charming prince you yearn for in marriage.

  4. Zack Steiner // June 3, 2015 at 6:24 pm // Reply

    Hi Jay, is that Antonio Danza your email for the site? I wanted to forward you some astounding “predictive programming” material.

  5. Your writing skills continue to improve. I’ve been paying attention to your stuff despite our differences, and I must say I continue to be impressed. This is one of those great articles that sort of “sums things up” and is excellent for reference. The haters on the site clearly do not have the mental ability to understand what’s being said. I know this to be the case because I myself (an educated, critically thinking person) had to do a couple months of intense reading (from your site and salient materiel elsewhere) in order to fully absorb what’s being said (without having to read it 5 times over). Well done Jay, well done.

  6. MLK was promoted because he was compromised. By April 1968, the powers that be wagered that he was worth more dead than alive to them. Hence he was martyred. That’s how the system works.

    • I don’t see a martyr as someone dying for liberation theology.

    • MLK is the great pathmaker for Bruce Jender. If there are no races, there are no genders. It’s the entire platform of the “rights based” left movements.

      • “If there are no races, there are no genders. ”
        Why don’t you unpack that via the Trivium, Jay?
        And why are you running with the obvious circus bait of the MSM ?
        You are playing the race card, and it is very ugly, and we can make a pretty good guess where it is heading.

      • Not worth responding to.

  7. Sociopaths can’t imagine dying for anything, as they have no moral values.
    That said, TKelley67’s post makes some sense and amazingly, without reference to his genitals, or mine.
    A rare moment around here, apparently.
    Thanks, T, keep to the high ground.

    • I have hundreds of articles I’ve written which you obviously haven’t read, where I argue countless topics. To characterize my site as puerile is ridiculous and a manifestation of your own lack of integrity and knowledge. Your psy ops are weak

    • Btw – plenty of socio/psychos have died for their own egoism.

  8. When wading into such topics one cannot avoid ruffling feathers because it involves chipping away, if not smashing a few icons. MLK the man is not MLK the historical figure that has been constructed and retailed to the public for the purposes of psychological warfare. King was a useful tool in completing the absorption of the South in the corporate fascist Union that was born in fires of Lincoln’s tariff war and completed with America’s entry into World War Two. The nation needed to be homogenized and those in charge could brook no resistance. King was then sent north to disrupt cities like Chicago despite his having no familiarity with the problems in those areas. In the final analysis, MLK appears to have been a pawn in a Hegelian process. This is not a simple game of checkers. It is more like three-dimensional chess. We’re told to believe in the binary (good vs evil) but human relations and the politics that flow from it are much more complex and require a much more nuanced analysis than what is usually provided.

    In Jay’s defense, the sexual revolution, which was (is) largely psy-op courtesy the Rockefeller Foundation and CIA, involved destroying the sexual constitution and the social patterns that flowed from that natural compact, Manliness and virility has been targeted because it is a way to achieve depopulation. Hence the Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner psychodrama being crammed down our throats. When commenting on matters sexual, sometimes (perhaps in the interests of levity) it is necessary to be somewhat blunt or crass to get a point across.

    Anyway, the point of Jay’s Analysis is to stimulate thought and to get the intellectual juices flowing (not a sexual reference). You don’t have to agree with him on every point to support his work.

  9. First off, I learned a new word, “praxis.” Long ago some people built a tower, trying to reach Heaven. They wanted to go home. God smote their tower and divided them. Here we sit.

  10. That said, perhaps God is employing a praxis, and when it is over we can join Him.

  11. Fair enough. But remember while both sexes are targets of the sexual revolutionaries, male bashing is overt which tends to create reactions that appear to be “gender bashing”. If one is being honest and is reasonably well-informed, one must admit the political correctness that manifests itself in employment practices, regulations, etc are directed at males, more specifically white heterosexual males and most of the nonsense is being carried out by various favored or protected minorities ie women, blacks, gays, lesbians, transgendered or whatever

    Even the common use of the world “gender” (rather than sex} is an aspect of the psy-op.

    • Before this post dies I wanted to jump in and express my appreciation for the dialogue here. This is one of the more interesting comment postings. Jay, I think you’ve provided one of the best blogs I’ve come across. You’ve helped define and clarify the major philosophical currents in the last 2 millennia (unifying principle, transcendental arguments—great stuff!), and you’ve offered a lot of great material illuminating the deeds of the obscurantists.

      That being said, I also appreciate Scarlett sticking to her guns here. Scarlett, I think your view on MLK is closer to historical truth. This is NOT to say all the criticisms of MLK aren’t true–I believe he was a very flawed person, as I am. However, to reduce all of his great works to his having been deceived just doesn’t seem to align with actions in his later life. Sure, he may have been promoted early on, and his work may have served to homogenize our country, but he seems to have pursued his principles to the end. He faced our ignorance with non-violence; of course he wasn’t perfect but he offered light to a forgotten people. And while the powers assumed he’d be content with fame or break under the threat of exposure he didn’t, AND in following his principles he gave his life…. I mean God damn, what does a brother have to do to get some respect? 😉

      For what it’s worth, it’s my view that he would have advocated against today’s diversity for diversity’s sake because that doesn’t make better people. That’s the kind of person I see him as. Maybe I’m wrong, nobody has shown me enough to convince me otherwise.
      In any case, that’s enough of this; thanks for everyone’s work to uncover our history. It’s a dirty business, but oh so fascinating! (and thanks tkelly for that stuff on the homogenization of the south–i’d like to learn more about that).

      • MLK’s motives are really not the big story anymore. Look where we are – trans rights, pedo rights, etc – all based on the notion of “natural rights philosophy” and evolution. The end of race led directly to our present situation of the denial of gender. It’s all by design in Brave New World, and it’s an open scientific strategy as my recent articles show.

  12. Wow I can’t believe I’m just realizing what a psycho asshole Jay is. He is clearly controlled opposition, who responds like a troll to anyone who questions his opinions. Bravo to Scarlett and T for debating like nature adults. You guys need to find a better site this one is not worthy of your time. Peace!

  13. Tony Greenwood // June 6, 2015 at 9:22 am // Reply

    Interesting exchange on the merits of MLK. I don’t doubt Jay is right that he was compromised. It also seems to me that “I Have a Dream” serves the NWO. But what our host belligerently refuses to consider is the possibility that towards the end of his life he was further co-opted by a higher power. His later speeches show MLK far exceeding his original brief and expressing spiritual ideas of love, individuality and mans purpose on Earth they would surely have viewed as dangerous. This, I believe, is why they whacked him. It also explains why he showed no fear, despite his certain knowledge.
    So I think there’s merit in both arguments (it’s just a pity Jay can’t see it).

  14. Was MLK really of man of peace? Yes, he practiced non-violence but only on a superficial level. He lobbied hard for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (CRA). And all laws require violence to be enforced. Right? How is that peaceful?

    It is important to remember that the CRA violated the right to voluntary association (it is based on a rather dubious interpretation of the Commerce Clause). This much celebrated but abhorrent federal law spawned the various the alphabet soup agencies and twisted jurisprudence (protected minorities) now enforcing the positive rights agenda of the cultural Marxists.

    Here we can see a direct link between MLK and transgendered insanity which is, as Jay correctly observes, consumerism run amok. There is also much evidence to support Jay’s contention that this result was planned out long ago. As Aldous Huxley observed in the preface to his 1946 edition Brave New World “as economic and political freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.”

    Now as I stated earlier I don’t believe MLK was a witting asset of the Rockefellers or the CIA or the Zionists for that matter. But in the final analysis, that probably doesn’t matter. MLK was an advocate of state power and the concentration of that power. Yes he planned a march on Washington to protest the Vietnam War and on that one issue he spoke truth to power, but he was still being manipulated. The moment he went off script, he was taken out. And by embracing the Great Society and all of its evils, he was promoting the social engineering schemes that had would harm the black community far more than the institution of slavery and Jim Crow ever did,

    Mission Accomplished.

  15. Great article. Another way of proving that “secular humanism”, “atheist ethics” or “Darwinist morality” is a big joke, unfortunately in more ways the one: it is the oligarchs who are laughing all the way to the bank.

  16. Great article, Jay – once again.

    Interesting to see the trolls using reductionism here to attack minor details in your comments (MLK) rather than any facts or statements in the article. The link I see between “Bruce Jender” (love it!) and MLK is they used the Race wedge very successfully to take control of the country with their divide and conquer tactics. It is almost played out though…hence, LGBT and gender issues will be the new wedge.

    You can see a glimpse of this in the “Obama is a tranny” meme that has been doing the rounds in conspiracy sites, flushing out kooks and bigots and following up with the goblin army pile on in the comments. In the next 20 years we will probably have a transgender president for real: quite possibly this is the plan for Caitlyn. Recently Oregon and Ireland both had gay bakery problems that got so much media coverage for basically the same story in 2 different parts of the world, that surely there must be a connection between them behind the scenes. The Irish story was on heavy rotation on BBC and Sky right before Ireland’s historic same sex marriage vote. I’m not a believer in coincidence theories…We should all look at what else is going on in the world right now that they don’t want us to think about, so they play the BJ mind control trigger which has probably been implanted for decades, to distract everyone.

    Oh, and there was an athletic footwear marketing campaign all lined up and ready to go, not to mention Caitlyn’s new reality TV show. All the borderline religious countries who carry the E channel will have to air it, or face protests in the street Pink Spring style.


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