Jay Dyer with Matt Forney: Surfing the Feminist Waves

Matt Forney of MattForney.com, Reaxxion and Return of Kings joined me for a chat about his recent articles that have caused quite a stir. No stranger to controversy, JaysAnalysis was interested in jumping into the fray to talk with Matt about the history of suffrage, surfing the feminist waves, social engineering, leftist strategies,”humanitarian” foreign polices, radical Islam, online social “justice” warriors, inversion of hierarchies, gender issues, booty worship, and much more! Side note: I said “Third International,” and meant the Paris Commune. -Jay

Controversial articles Matt has written can be found archived here.

Audio MP3 of the interview can be found here.

Listen on Spreaker here.

9 Comments on Jay Dyer with Matt Forney: Surfing the Feminist Waves

  1. As both an ardent anti-feminist and as someone who appreciates your website I have to say that this interview is at the lower end of what people usually find here.

    There are some good points made here, no doubt about that, but my overall impression is that this guy (which is somewhat typical for MRA) actually employs the very victimist tactics which he criticises feminists for doing. As an example- the part of being discriminated in the workplace because women with children take time-off while he’s not allowed to.

    One of the reasons we leave in an alienated society with broken families is specifically because feminist supported the destructive behaviour of women taking jobs which diverted their attention from children and household. And many women nowadays are simply the victims of the feminist stupidity- not wanting the jobs but not having a choice, because society has been shapped so for the century. And now we whine about about them getting some time for what they are supposed to be doing ?

    Other than that, the guy seems completely immersed in some very modern notions and mentalities, which have cause the problems he is now whining about.

    I hope you don’t take this little criticism personally…

  2. Around the 52 minute mark you point out that the 21-year old doesn’t have enough experience to write interesting things about life. I suppose there are always exceptions but in general this is true. Remember how in Logan’s Run no one in society is allowed to live past 30 (except the controllers of course)? And how the Denver Airport murals portray a future populated only by children? There are many reasons for this, but an undeniable one is the simple fact that the less time you have to live, the smaller your ability to acquire experience and wisdom. Shorter lifespan, fewer questions.

    • Great point – the aeon of the child, Kali Yuga

      • I read Bolton’s article, and it was definitely beneficial. I checked out some of his other articles as well, good stuff. His latest on FP appears to be “Conspiracy Theory as a Personality Disorder” and I recommend it. It also prompted me to take a closer look at the Frankfurt School. I gotta say, I’m pretty surprised at the openness of FP’s articles and comments section.

  3. I don’t see much to hate about this ROK site. My only complaint would be that they need to add intellect to the requirements for a woman’s value, number five under their community beliefs section. I know a few independently minded, intellectual women who are feminine (fertile), beautiful and pretty ambivalent about feminism and the gender identity war of controlled opposition. I think we need more like this who are intellectually minded and have the skills to resist the mind control retardation of the various social engineering clown shows under way in our society. Just my two cents. Checking out the interview right now, i’ll get back to you if my ears start bleeding.

    • I’m interested in reaching out to writers and interesting people in general. Can’t let JaysAnalysis just be a pop culture cookie cutter conspiracy analysis.

  4. Two followers dropped off from this interview lol. People need to just relax and take articles and presentations with a grain of salt. Everyone is so easily offended. Also, when growing a website like this, it’s natural to reach across niches and talk to other minds out there. If I just do movie analyses, then JA is just another Vigilant Citizen.

  5. Any one here see the thing on Hillary Clinton being called on her wage gap with her staff? She said owe well these women pursued families and were out of the market for a while, so that’s all it is. Exactly the same statistically based argument that MRA’s and anti-feminists make, except apparently it only applies when a women says it (and a wealthy powerful democratic icon of a woman). I don’t have a link for that story unfortunately, I heard about it on a news piece that the Honey Badgers Brigade radio did.

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