On the Brink of Doomsday

The Soul of the East

On the drizzly autumn Friday of November 11th, 1983, US President Ronald Reagan found no time for his customary Oval Office nap. Besides delivering a speech that morning to the American Legion in honor of Veterans Day, Reagan then filled the rest of his schedule taking part in a NATO nuclear war exercise under the designation Able Archer. The president found the subject matter fascinating but frightening; despite his firebrand speeches, he also hoped the Soviets understood they had nothing to fear from America. His hope was in vain.

In Moscow, General Secretary Yuri Andropov saw Reagan’s role in Able Archer, underscored by America’s recent invasion of Grenada and a worldwide security alert of US forces, as the cover for a nuclear first strike. Escorted that morning by his elite KGB troops along with chief of the General Staff Marshal Nikolai Ogarkov to the Politburo’s subterranean command bunker, with sadness…

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  1. juniper@pshift.com // April 18, 2015 at 1:26 am // Reply

    17 April 2015 / Mr. Dyer— I don’t use social media. You might give your friend and associate Patrick Henningsen a head’s up — see interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre and Loren Moret below as to Ms. Moret’s predictions on what is to come of the U.S.of A., in the near term, and including the SouthWest. Gruesome listening but I gather you’re experienced in fending off evil spirits. I, myself, stay away from cinema. Maya is hard enough to encounter in daily life, let alone vanquish. YT&sinc.– Diana Licht #  

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