Jay on Laches, Lysis & Euthyphro – Courage, Friendship, Piety

In this partial talk, I pick back up with the Platonic corpus to delve into the next 3 dialogues dealing with the virtues.  Expanding on the method of the Apology, Socrates continues to examine the beliefs of the men of Athens in terms what, precisely, bravery, friendship and religious piety are.  The answers are quite surprising, as Socrates and Plato want to make us question our assumptions about common notions.  This is a partial talk, covering the first of the dialogues, Laches, while the meat and potatoes is covered in the full audio for paid subscribers.   Paid subscribers get access to dozens of in-depth breakdowns of history, philosophy, geopolitics, as well as much more, for $4.95 a month.  Subscribers get a weekly audio, as well as contributing to help keep JaysAnalysis afloat.  Just hit the below button, and I’ll email you within 24 hours.

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