Who’s Trying to Change Russia?

The Soul of the East

For much of the West in the middle of the 19th century, the idea of Russia and how to approach its people diplomatically was a matter of differentiating them as Europeans or Asians. The prevailing view at the time was a belief that Russians belonged to the latter group, and could not be considered part of Europe. The absolute role of the Russian Monarchy was an increasingly alien concept to the people of the West, a generation that was no stranger to popular upheavals and calls for political reform. Marx created the concepts of the “asiatic mode of production” and “oriental despotism” with reference to the Russian Empire, believing that their path to communistic development was different than the industrialized nations of the Atlantic. Still, the intellectual body of these same nations was divided, some believing that the people of Russia were indeed Europeans, but comparatively primitive to the rest of the continent and…

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  1. Marianna Diamos // April 10, 2015 at 10:16 pm // Reply

    Can you please tell me how I can opt out of the monthly $4.95 subscription? Thank you.

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  2. The deeper question in all of this is where ROCOR will stand once the West’s intent for generating a hot war goes live in the Ukraine. Vl. Laurus met with Putin before the union with the MP. Putin claimed he needed ROCOR to unite / strengthen Russia. It’s ironic that the Anglo-American Freemasonic Zionist axis has created a new “Vladimir” for Russia, driving the country back into the arms of Orthodoxy. The significance of Russia is eschatological — or so it seems. The West is now positively godless, waring against an Orthodox Russia. One wonders what the alphabet soup boys have planned for ROCOR parishes.

  3. Boom! Under reported bombshell with links to the source doc.

    Can one of your subscribers translate the French better than google?

    What do you think of this Jay?

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