(Half Audio) Jay on Godel, A.I., Sherrard and Psyche

In the latest talk, I cover two scholarly articles, one on Godel, minds and machines, and one by Dr. Sherrard on Logic and the Absolute. I discuss how the articles demonstrate a similarity with Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorums and their relationship to transcendental argumentation and Platonism.  The first half of this talk is free, while paid subscribers get full weekly podcasts for 4.95 a month. Enjoy!

Articles referenced are:

“Minds, Machines and Godel”

“Logic and the Absolute”

“Turing and the Irruption of Materialism Into Thought”

4 Comments on (Half Audio) Jay on Godel, A.I., Sherrard and Psyche

  1. Offtopic: would you debate fellow philosopher, radical feminist, atheist and antinatalist Francois Tremblay? He bloggs at francoistremblay.wordpress.com

  2. The random output argument actually works against the machine worldview. In computer science you cannot have a true random output unless the seed itself is exogenous to the system. Any internally-generated seed, no matter how complex the algorithm, can only return a pseudo-random output.

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