Minority Report (2002) Esoteric Analysis – Pre-Crime is Now Here!

The eye takes on a new meaning here. The retinal scan.
"Everybody Runs"

“Everybody Runs”

By: Jay

Spielberg’s Minority Report is now an important film to revisit.  Based on the short story by visionary science fiction author Phillip K. Dick, Spielberg’s film version implements an important number of predictive programming elements not found in Dick.  Both are worth a look, but the film is important for JaysAnalysis, since now 13 years later, we are actually seeing the implementation of the total technocratic takeover, including pre-crime tracking systems.

Although the film and the short story present the precognition as a metaphysical mystery by telepathic individuals who can see into the aether, the real pre-crime systems are based on A.I. and the digitizing of all records under total information awareness.  And as I’ve said, this was DARPA’s plan for the Internet all along.

In fact, a good friend of mine worked for a few years digitizing mass medical records, and while most are aware of Google’s attempts to digitize all books, most do not know why.  I’ve warned for several years now the end goal of all this digitization is not for “efficiency” and trendy techy cool iWatches to monitor heart rates and location.  The ultimate goal is total mind control, loss of free will and the complete rewrite of all past reality.

Consider, for example, the power the system will wield with the ability to “delete” all past versions of literature – religious texts, Shakespeare, 1984, nothing will be sacred and unable to be “revised.”  Remember that in 2009 Amazon erased Orwell’s 1984.  Your own past may even be deleted, subject to revision or altered to make you the next villain!  All this is revealed in detail in Minority Report.  Thus, while the public adopts “Kindles,” print itself is assigned the doom of the kindled fire – like Farenheit 451, as Richard Grove has said.

Minority Report’s setting is a 2055 dystopic D.C., where Agent John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is framed for two murders from within his own PreCrime Corporation ranks by the CEO, Lamar Burgess (Max Von Sydow). (Note: The existing system appears to be a merger of private and government sectors.)   I’m sure most readers have seen the film, so I’ll spare you detailed plot recaps and hit the highlights for the sake of our purposes.

"The Temple" - the new god for a new aeon, the predictive A.I. system.

“The Temple” – the new god for a new aeon, the predictive A.I. system.

The film’s PreCrime alerts a private corporation to a predetermined murder event ahead of time, giving the Agents of the corporation time to save victims.  Hailed as a perfect system, the infallibility of PreCrime has made D.C. the safest city in the world, with no murders for several years.  As a result, the PreCrime test requires a total surveillance society, something akin to complete panopticism.  In fact, the advertising in D.C. is user specific, targeting pedestrian’s personal desires based on retina scans – and all travel requires retinal scanning and mass microchipping.

We are now on the verge of the implementation of retinal scanning, as the U.S. military has engaged in retinal scanning in occupied territories for several years now.  It is important to understand that the action of the military abroad are often a test ground for the implementation of such surveillance and tracking technology at “home.”  In October 2010, the Guardian reported of U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan:

Total surveillance society with targeted advertising.

Total surveillance society with targeted advertising.

“With each iris and fingertip scanned, the device gave the operator a steadily rising percentage chance that the goat herder was on an electronic “watch list” of suspects. Although it never reached 100%, it was enough for the man to be taken to the nearest US outpost for interrogation.

Since the Guardian witnessed that incident, which occurred near the southern city of Kandahar earlier this year, US soldiers have been dramatically increasing the vast database of biometric information collected from Afghans living in the most war-torn parts of southern and eastern Afghanistan. The US army now has information on 800,000 people, while another database developed by the country’s interior ministry has records on 250,000 people.”

Wired Magazine reported millions were the goal.  The goal is not millions, but the entire globe, where any and all information is now currency for “big data.”  This is exactly the world Minority Report foresaw, and for those curious about Phillip K. Dick, whispers are his foresight was due to being well-connected with the Silicon Valley elites.  This is how Ubik foresaw the “Internet of Things” I’ve written about many times, and probably in part why Dick went insane (or was targeted).  Slate writes of Ubik:

“Samsung, the world’s largest manufacturer of televisions, tells customers in its privacy policy that “personal or other sensitive” conversations “will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party” through the TV’s voice-recognition software. Welcome to the Internet of Things.

Sci-fi great Philip K. Dick warned us about this decades ago. In his classic 1969 novel Ubik, the characters have to negotiate the way they move and how they communicate with inanimate objects that monitor them, lock them out, and force payments.”

Mandatory retinal scanning by drone Spyders.

Mandatory retinal scanning by drone Spyders.

Just as the predictive algorithm in Asamov’s Foundation was able to track mass movements, so now the same algorithmic tracking is in place across the “web of things” that are capable of being recorded and tracked – and that’s most things.  The Pentagon has a virtual “you” in a realtime 3D interface that updates its data consistently from everything done on the web.  The Register reported in 2009 about this simulated warfare and predictive software:

“Defense analysts can understand the repercussions of their proposed recommendations for policy options or military actions by interacting with a virtual world environment,” write the researchers.

“They can propose a policy option and walk skeptical commanders through a virtual world where the commander can literally ‘see’ how things might play out. This process gives the commander a view of the most likely strengths and weaknesses of any particular course of action.”

It’s not telepathic Samantha Morton’s in a tub of goo, it’s Google and DARPA developing highly advanced technology along the lines of what William Binney exposed, as a former NSA employee.  Think here of War Games (1983), where the A.I. bot was able to war game future scenarios of global thermonuclear war, but thankfully Ferris Bueller was there to save us.  If this was displayed in 1983 in pop culture, imagine how far that technology has come 30 years later.  Lest anyone think the “precrime” is merely for security and weekend Xbox enjoyment, recall what I wrote two years back:

“Capitalism, communism, nationalism, 401ks, blah blah blah, all of these things are basically obsolete. Why?  Because of the nature of the real secret high-tech and plans for mega SmartCities that are to come.  You see, you think you are getting ahead and climbing the scum social ladder, and you aren’t even aware that the CEO of IBM Ginni Rommety gives lectures about SmartCities where everything you do will be rationed, tracked and traced by the central supercomputers, with pre-crime determining whether you are guilty of crimethink.  So everything you are trusting in is already obsolete.  You think I’m exaggerating?  On the contrary, you and your children’s futures are determined (you don’t have a future), and if you are allowed to live past the great culling, you will essentially be boxed into a giant WalmartTargetGameStopUniversity City that will literally be run by a supercomputer. Watch for yourself:”

And lest anyone think PreCrime is a thing of the future, consider that it has been used for two years in the U.K.  The New Scientist and 21stCenturyWire report:

“That’s the hope of police in the US, who have begun using advanced software to analyse crime data in conjunction with emails, text messages, chat files and CCTV recordings acquired by law enforcement. The system, developed by Wynyard, a firm based in Auckland, New Zealand, could even look at social media in real time in an attempt to predict where the gang might strike next.

Met police-CCTV

Total surveillance panopticism.

“We’re trying to get to the source of the mastermind behind the criminal activity, that’s why we’re setting up a database so everybody can provide the necessary information and help us get higher up the chain,” says Craig Blanton of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana. Because Felony Lane Gang members move from state to state to stay one step ahead, the centralised database is primed to aggregate historical information on the group and search for patterns in their movements, Blanton says.

“We know where they’ve been, where they are currently and where they may go in the future,” he says. “I think had we not taken on this challenge, we along with the other 110 impacted agencies would be doing our own thing without better knowledge of how this group operates.”

It’s not the only system that police forces have at their disposal. PredPol, which was developed by mathematician George Mohler at Santa Clara University in California, has been widely adopted in the US and the UK. The software analyses recorded crimes based on date, place and category of offence. It then generates daily suggestions for locations that should be patrolled by officers, depending on where it calculates criminal activity is most likely to occur.”

Returning to the film, an interesting tidbit occurs about three times that I noticed.  Any time Anderton or his fellow Agents access the “Temple,” the holding site of the telepathic PreCogs, the sound made is distinctly the iPhone power on sound.  The first iPod premiered in 2001, so I’m assuming it’s the same sound for turning on, but readers can correct me.  I find it curious if not, since the sound would likely be chosen for a reason. This puts the infamous 1984 Apple ad in a new, ominous light:

If you’ve seen the important Spike Jonze film, Her, you’ll see why.  In Her, lead character Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with an iOS – his operating system.  The iOS of his future is an intelligent software system with capability for learning (like the A.I. in War Games), and ultimately transcends its own limitations.

I bring this up because Minority Report is distinctly dominated by eye imagery.  While seemingly insignificant, it is my opinion that Siri and Apple in particular are crucial in the implementation of the coming new order.  Apple ads have contained a distinctly esoteric and significant cultural referent.  This is not to say Microsoft or any of the other tech giants are insignificant, on the contrary, I believe they are all arms of one entity and the appearance of competition is largely illusory.

The eye takes on a new meaning here. The retinal scan.

The eye takes on a new meaning here. The retinal scan.

There is only one military industrial complex, and DARPA and Google and Apple and Microsoft are all its children.  The façade of competition is enough to advance the technology by the tech nerds that serve it, but in the end, it all serves the same system.  My point here is that the iPhone is much more than an iPhone. It is actually an EYEphone, functioning as the eye of Sauron himself, as A.I. reconnaissance before the takeover.

I have mentioned before the whispers are the iPhone of the next few years will contain a Siri that communicates with you like a personal assistant.  I have finally found an article on this here, which describes it directly in connection to Her, like I said here.  “Viv” will do the following:

“On the other hand, not only will Viv recognize disparate requests, she will also be able to put them together. Basically, Viv is Siri with the ability to learn. The project is being kept heavily under wraps, but the guys at Viv have hinted that they’re working towards creating a “global brain,” a shared source of artificial intelligence that’s as readily accessible as heat or electricity.  It’s unclear how soon a breakthrough of this magnitude can happen. But if this team made Siri, you can bet their next project is going to blow the tech world to pieces.”

In order to endear the public to that idea, a prototype Siri had to be offered.  While this may be a rumor, it will eventually come.  And the dystopic scenario presented in Her will meet the nightmare of Minority Report.  For now, it all seems harmless (though we are seeing a generation of youth destroyed by screens and pads – Steve Jobs didn’t let his own kids play with an iPad!), but the end goal I assure is nefarious.

The dominant ideology of these tech giants is pure and total dysgenics (not eugenics).  In order for the total rewrite to come, the existing structure must be destroyed.  The “old way” of doing things will be scapegoated as the technocracy replaces it, offering utopia and salvation, but the synthetic rewrite is a Trojan horse.  Humanity will be enslaved in the same virtual Matrix Anderton is enslaved in, in the film.

The film’s tag line, which pops up numerous times in the story, is about running.  “Everybody runs,” and John spends most of the film on the run from the very system he operated.  The film asks the question multiple times, “Can you see?” and when we think of this on a deeper level in terms of predictive programming, I think we are intended to look beyond the immediate narrative.  There are also numerous hat tips to Blade Runner, where again the “running” imagery comes to the fore.  Can we run from the panopticon?  Do we have eyes to see the iEYES that are “infallibly” surveilling us perpetually?



See also my analyses of Speilberg’s E.T.,  Close Encounters and Artificial Intelligence for more.

10 Comments on Minority Report (2002) Esoteric Analysis – Pre-Crime is Now Here!

  1. Watching this right now.. When a door opens in the movie, it’s the same sound as when you plug an iPhone to the charger. Think it’s an eye scan (in the movie).

  2. Seems the appropriate time to note that “Siri” is “Iris” reversed. Often the truth is revealed in the reverse, inverse, or both. Now who would want to turn the world upside down, invert God’s order? Can bizarro-God really overcome the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipotent?

  3. Omnipresent that is …

  4. spooky but excellent. It makes you wonder though, how far will God allow this to go on? Scripture describes the wicked prospering at times almost as much as it describes God destroying and ruining the plans of the wicked. The great culling followed by a synthetic rewrite of humanity and history coupled with these “smart” dystopian cities where everything is monitered almost seems Tower of Babel-ish. Will God let these plans go unfettered?

  5. Near the end when Anderton gets incarcerated, his pod number is 1109. Given this was filmed in March 2001, I looked into it and found this in regard to the blatant precog/predictive programming 9/11 context:


    Due to the ‘random interference patterns’ of scheduling clashes and ongoing Hollywood projects running over time, Steven Spielberg’s MINORITY REPORT (2002) nearly didn’t happen.
    But it did, and just in time to commemorate September 11th 2001, that day when all sorts of plane/building physics and intelligence/military safe-guards failed The American People.

    The film was first optioned in 1992 as a sequel to another Dick adaptation, Total Recall, and started its development in 1997, after a script by John Cohen reached Spielberg and Cruise. Production suffered many delays due to Cruise’s Mission: Impossible II and Spielberg’s A.I. running over schedule, eventually starting in March 2001.

    A delayed attempt to make a Sequel to an earlier Hollywood project? Well, in the context of 9/11 we must be talking about the 1993 truck bomb attack on the building which slightly damaged the underground car parking area. It seems the ‘life of these twin events’ have been intimately interwoven, by time and fate and Spielberg’s film.

    and looking back, with hindsight, isn’t it wonderful that ‘everyman’ or ‘regular working stiff’ (and son-abducted) John Anderton gets the 11 09 stigma attached to him? We first see this in the film with the introduction of the pre-criminal before him, 11 08. John’s ‘number is up’ on screen during his own investigation of the second murder in the film. We see 09 11 reversed i.e. from the other side of the transparent pre-crime interface onto which ‘his obvious guilt is being projected’. We are the criminals looking in on the ‘loss of John’s innocence’ – maybe his accusation was our fault. We saw but we did nothing.

    in the Minority Report, it’s shown that while the two male members of the pre-cog trio are at the centre of the operation, the third (female) member is far more crucial to the success of PRE-CRIME. It’s easy to equate this ‘female’ aspect with the far less vertically prominent Building Seven or Saloman Brother’s Building that (having been hit by ZERO commercial airlines) fell into its own footprint in the late afternoon of 9/11. WTC 1 and 2 are the ‘associated dummies’ of the operation while Building Seven is the real target of ‘whatever 9/11 was’.

    again, we’re talking about a pre-tested ANNIHILATION OF THE TRUTH, that is then run through a second (more successful) time. Set it up, then knock down the first domino. Then the second, then the ‘secret’ third i.e. Max Von Sydow’s character, the real focus of the story aka Building Seven. But there’s a conflict here, because we’ve assigned building seven to Agatha, so how can we transfer it to Sydow’s character? Easy, it’s a simple Hollywood special effect. Bait and switch. Now you see me, now you don’t. You only need to be TOLD what’s important, not work it out for yourself.

    “You don’t kill me, my Family gets nothing,” says patsy child-thief Leo Crowe to Cruise’s character. A terminally ill character demanding that he is (seen to be) PUBLICLY killed off? Many are the reports of prime 9/11 criminal Osama Bin Laden aka CIA asset Tim Osman being given kidney dialysis in US hospitals abroad. And Bush/Laden family were financially linked through Cheney’s Haliburton.

    “Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” enough said. You’re shocked aren’t you? So you should be, you’re shocked by these wonderfully emotive Spielbergian moments, as the world was shocked by the wonderfully choreographed realtime events of the day of 9/11, “We have to look to Osama Bin Laden,” came the news media mantra on the day. Horror works, hypnotism works, on you and your references to the past. Your prejudices. The pre-criminals aren’t always the real criminals, as this film shows us in graphic horror detail.

    there is no ‘religious war’ in this movie, but it is replete (by its own admission) with religious imagery a) The Temple where the three en-slave-ed pre-cogs live b) the genuflecting that Agatha is subjected to c) the ethereal light through which Agatha shines forth her pre-cog proclamations. This hinting at Jihad? This foreshadowing the ‘so many of them’ being held at secret detention centres like Guantanamo and elsewhere? Gah, it’s like it’s all there, in front of our faces, all this time.

    just like in Minority Report, the ‘real murder’ is erased from the record. Only the ‘edited highlights’ from the ‘brothers’ are shown whereas the real story i.e. the Building Seven story is quashed, removed, never transmitted. Remember, there’s NOTHING about Building Seven in the official version of 9/11. Agatha isn’t covered.

    maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t know, that Minority Report was SOLD AS A SEQUEL to another Hollywood PKD project, namely Total Recall. So, what was Total Recall all about, forgetting the ludicrous Mars/Alien mission? Well, it was about a man finding out about a secret life he’d been programmed to forget about. Until he started looking, for himself. Actually, Total Recall was about being held hostage to pay for ‘the air we breathe’. A sequel to such, would that ‘really’ concern NSA-like surveillance able to deliver ‘personal advertisement’ direct to your synapses? A world where War of the Worlds-like miniature corporate drones invade your domestic privacy such that ‘nothing is sacred any more’? To reinforce the corporate agenda? Was 9/11 all for money, for global PROFIT?

  6. Regarding the concept of “running”. This is a continual theme in popular movies and songs. My personal take on this ideology is to think of consciousness as a continuum. On the left we have total “enlightenment”, if there is such a thing in a human being – which can be argued. This state has absolutely no boundaries nor personality – just pure consciousness (Lucifer – the sun – represents this concept). This is the mind controlled and ready to “serve”. These people smile a lot in a creepy way – no soul ( psychopathology) could witness or implement torture without remorse. A phrase for this thinking might be “I am enlightening this person to their true nature.” Here the “Ministry of Love” implements its practices. This is the game that is played. It is a death cult because when one stops breathing there is a merging with this “One”. In French the orgasm is called the “little death”.

    On the right we have the personal soul (limitation and boundary in this particular ideology). In this ideology to kill it off is to merge with the One love (Lucifer). A couple of disturbing songs recently such as “Wrecking Ball” and the following are attempting to program us for the planned dystopia:
    Song by Disclosure:
    You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down (never)
    You, you enchant me even when you’re not around (never)
    If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down (never)
    I’m latching on, babe, now I know what I have found (never)
    I feel we’re close enough
    I wanna lock in your love
    I think we’re close enough
    Could I lock in your love, baby?
    Now I’ve got you in my space
    I won’t let go of you (never)
    Got you shackled in my embrace
    I’m latching on to you (never)
    Now I’ve got you in my space
    I won’t let go of you (never)
    Got you shackled in my embrace
    I’m latching on to you (never)
    I’m so encaptured, got me wrapped up in your touch (never)
    Feel so enamored, hold me tight within your clutch (never)
    How do you do it, you got me losing every breath

    The individual “runs all night” to protect their soul.

    Sounds like a torture program or a bad infection by a parasite! These themes are continual in movies and popular music. It is the personal soul that is under attack (great article on the personal soul by Daniel Spaulding: http://souloftheeast.org/2015/03/13/individualism-personality/).

    These concepts have reached their way into new age philosophy and have also distorted Eastern traditions coming to the west such as yoga and Buddhism.
    Just some conjecture and thoughts on the matter…

  7. Beautifully written. Eloquent and succinct, always with a dash of reality to ground it. I am noticing that I have a tendency to be biased towards believing the things I read that I agree with, and find it difficult to discern the truth as even a lie dressed up in the right way can look like the truth. This thread of history that tethers the past present and future together however is echoed throughout the fabric of our current reality, and therefore I could not agree with your assessment more. Good job mate, and I encourage you to continue on this journey of letting light fall upon the shadows with your written words. You have a gift.

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