Jay’s Half Audio – Devil’s Game Pt. 2 – Ayatollahs and Finance

In this sequel, I pick up the second half of Drefuss’ work, Devil’s Game, and cover the rise of the Shah and the Ayatollahs, Global Islamic finance and the overall plan of radical and global Islam in the new world order.   I also include information from Mark Curtis’ Secret Affairs.  This is a partial audio for free, while paid subscribers to JaysAnalysis get the full audio.  Full audios contain detailed information based on years of research into geopolitics, religion and philosophy.  If you like what you hear, subscribe for 4.95 a month for full talks.

Dreyfuss’ book can be purchased here:

Devil’s Game: How the U.S. Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam.

2 Comments on Jay’s Half Audio – Devil’s Game Pt. 2 – Ayatollahs and Finance

  1. Great talk. Jay’s analysis here deals with a dimension to the phony war on terror that is completely ignored by the mainstream media. Basically, jihadists are almost to a man assets of western intelligence agencies. This is all part of a decades long divide and conquer strategy abroad and strategy of tension at home. For all those who listened to the half talk, I urge them to subscribe and the get the full talk. If $4.95 per month is too steep, I suggest you cancel your cable TV and use the savings to support freelance researchers like Jay.

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