Jay w/Rundown Live: Katy Perry Super Bowl Occult Ritual

Is Katy meeting Bob and Agent Cooper in this dark lodge?

The Rundown Live asked me to come back to comment on the mass media mayhem and high holy day known as the Super Bowl, Katy Perry’s witchcraft ceremony and feminism. My articles on the CIA and Hollywood also come up as we discuss espionage and stagecraft.

Correction: I said Yale and meant Harvard, but the secret society principle still applies.

MP3 of the Interview is here

Here is my article analyzing the event.

Here is my article connecting the entertainment industry to intelligence agencies.

1 Comment on Jay w/Rundown Live: Katy Perry Super Bowl Occult Ritual

  1. Jewish American Geisha // March 1, 2015 at 1:07 am // Reply

    Any insight into the dancing sharks? Jaws marathon on AMC today. Rihanna “swimming with sharks” in magazine/cover March 2015. USS Indianapolis 70th anniversary July 30th — August 2nd 2015. Discovery Channel Shark Week August 10 2015. Close Encounters control center Indianapolis. Date and number of fatalities of USS Indianapolis tragedy altered in Jaws by Spielberg. 1196 men on ship, either 779 or 880 fatalities. In Jaws’ retelling by fictitious USS Indianapolis survivor Quint, 1100 men reduced by 700 on June 29, 1945

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