Karma Karma Karma Karma Charmides – Audio Overview

In this talk, we cover Plato’s next dialogue, the controversial Charmides.  Socrates divulges his man-boy love issues, as well as challenging Charmides to think for himself. Topics include Greek eugenics, “Greek love” and form, feminism, apophasis, temperance and wisdom.

This discussion is geared for an introductory to mid-level audience.

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3 Comments on Karma Karma Karma Karma Charmides – Audio Overview

  1. Jay – have been so appreciating your articles…so listened to the audio, but WTF is up with the anti-feminist comments? Is this a male only blog?
    Male body: I’ve never heard any feminist – any woman say that the male body is “gross” (well, unless it is…but plenty of men say that about women’s bodies that aren’t up to supermodel quality). I’ve ONLY heard that sentiment from MEN, as in when I question why I don’t get to see male nakedness in every film that has female nakedness. “Oh, who wants to look at naked men?” Well, most women do (thank you Jane Campion, the first to do so in “The Piano”, where were the male directors?).
    As far as the abortion comment re: cancer, that is absolutely ludicrous. If women get cancer from emotional trauma/depression, it is more likely to be from the fact that they CAN’T GET an abortion and male congresspeople/Catholic church patriarchs are trying to control their bodies. It sure infuriates me!

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