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Thanks to Red Ice Creations.
Thanks to Red Ice Creations.

Thanks to Red Ice Creations.

Jay Dyer is a writer and researcher from the Southern US who obtained his B.A. in philosophy, while his graduate work focused on the interplay of literary theory, espionage and philosophy. His website, JaysAnalysis, is dedicated to investigating the deeper themes and messages found in our globalist pseudo culture, illustrating the connections between philosophy, metaphysics, secret societies, Hollywood, psychological warfare and comparative religion. Our discussion begins with a focus on mass media’s use of psychological warfare to indoctrinate world views on our culture as a whole. Jay explains how philosophies can be engineered and used as forms of PSYOP, a trap of empiricism that ultimately leads to false presuppositions. Then, we discuss hidden metaphysics, the suppression of prominent thinkers, and the western elite’s technological techniques of dialectics that are used to destroy the arts. Further, we consider the esoteric approach of linguistics, the school of pragmatism, and the new prophets of modernity, Marx, Freud and Darwin. In the second hour, Jay gets into the power of the entertainment industry, the new mythology of Hollywood, and pop culture’s deconstruction, control and subversion of reality. We talk about the iconography of films such as Independence Day, A.I., Interstellar, the James Bond series, and more. Later, Jay describes the use of archetypes in movies and the socially engineered subversion that is taking advantage of and manipulating the fears of society. Lastly, we chew over the current themes circulating in the mainstream, many of which tout the fraud of “diversity” and forced multiculturalism.

Interview here

Red Ice Creations

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  1. One of your best interviews. Thx!

  2. Do you have access to Bill Cooper’s After the Flood (1995)? The first chapter, dealing with Greek philosophers from Thales to the Roman Cicero and Lucretius is worth the price of the book, and recalls one of your earlier missives on a similar topic..I would like to hear/read your take on it.

  3. no. I can send it to you if you wish.

  4. This is what I grew up with:


    went to their concert in town – stupid aside.

  5. ColossusOfDestiny // January 1, 2015 at 7:50 pm // Reply

    Just found this place after listening. The Plato thing sounds great, I’ll go through it with my 17 year old son who needs to start learning this stuff.

  6. Discovered your site via this interview and have been going through your back catalog for the past few days – impressive and very interesting! One question: you mentioned in the interview on Red Ice that Godel realized where Russell’s espoused philosophy of materialism would lead people and got “freaked out.” I’ve applied my best google fu and haven’t been able to find anything that references this – anything you can point me to? Have always been interested in the intersection of mathematics and philosophy, so was aware of Godel, and would like to understand the issues he had with Russell.

    • See the comments as well.


      Godel’s latter day paranoia centered around his platonic discoveries. Although the author doesn’t mention Russell, Godel would surely have been familiar with Russell’s works where he says specifically that men must be dumbed down, such as Impact of Science on Society.

      • “I reminded him of the stranded negotiations and asked him: “How could the founding of the Academy be kept secret for centuries? How could its Proceedings disappear without a trace? Who had an interest in destroying Leibniz’s writings?” “Naturally those people who do not want man to become more intelligent,” he replied. Since it was unclear to me whom he suspected, I asked after groping for a response. “Don’t you think that they would sooner have destroyed Voltaire’s writings?” Gödel’s astonishing answer was: “Who ever became more intelligent by reading the writings of Voltaire?” Unfortunately at that moment someone stepped into the room and the conversation was never concluded.”

      • Perfect thanks. I am sad to admit that I just ordered a copy of Russell’s the History of Western Philosophy. I knew he was a fabian socialist already, but still thought it was worth a read – now I am not so sure. I was looking for what the title claims to give – anything you would recommend instead or as a complement / counterbalance?

      • My atheist undergrad professor thought that book sucked haha. What kind of book are you looking for – what are you wanting, just an overview?

  7. The meta-meta-meta view. What are the different schools of thought – not setup in a dialectical fashion (a vs. b) but as much as possible an unbiased “just the facts” view of the various schools so that I can follow the discussion better. Basically a “general grammar” of philosophy.

  8. Awesome – thanks!

  9. Also, didn’t you mention someone with the name of Spengler (sp?)?

  10. Good videos. Found a PDF of the book too and have it on my reading list. One thing back to the original question: any opinions on Will Durant’s Philosophy book? Still very western centric?

  11. Do you have this anatomyzing divinity by james kelley in a digital version? I cant find it.

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