JaysAnalysis Audio – Overview of Plato’s “Crito”

This talk picks up from the previous Platonic discussions with Socrates’ reasonings behind accepting death in the dialogue, “Crito.” Issues such as reason, epistemology and authority are covered. This discussion is geared for an introductory to mid-level audience.

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1 Comment on JaysAnalysis Audio – Overview of Plato’s “Crito”

  1. Hello Jay!

    I am a regular reader of your website, which I very much appreciate for its depth and quality of its information.
    I do have one comment to make on your analysis of Crito:

    You are kind of distorting a little Socrate’s statement on the relationship between him and the state. While he does talk about the state as some cvasi-divine entity (ex: the power of the state to give birth- through arraging marriages- and to raise children) he does not say that he must accept death because the state says so. What he’s saying is more like this: he freely accepted to live for his whole life by the rules of Athens and he freely accepted to play by the rules of the tribunal and he freely refused exile, saying that death was preferable to it so now he must play by the rules he chose. To do otherwise would mean to lie, to contradict himself, to act out of opportunism and to destroy the very philosophy he has preached all his life.

    So he is only secondarly obeying the state here; primarly, he is obeying the very rules by which he chose to play.

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