JaysAnalysis on EvolveandAscend – “MKULTRA and Pop Culture” Audio

In our third episode of our Liberation Frequency podcast, Jennifer Sodini interviews Jay Dyer of JaysAnalysis.com. The two discuss MK Ultra, secrets hidden in plain sight, the esoteric agenda of the ruling elite, Interstellar, ETs and philosophy. This enlightening interview exposes a new way to view the stories and events “orchestrated” by the mainstream media.


[Note: I said Tacitus, and meant Vergil’s Fourth Ecologue, and I meant Angela Lansbury in relation to Manchurian Candidate. -Jay]

Jennifer and Jay review an extensive amount of esoteric subjects, and we took the liberty to provide links to some of what is reviewed, which you can browse through below.

Stay in touch with Jay Dyer through his socials: TwitterFacebook.

1 Comment on JaysAnalysis on EvolveandAscend – “MKULTRA and Pop Culture” Audio

  1. OK so we know the facts and details of Chemtrails and other horrendous crimes against humanity and our earth….what is being done about these issues, anything??? Just hearing the terrible situation over and over is just depressing and dwells on the negative with no positive in sight or action being taken. If there is action against these crimes, I haven’t heard about it and would sure like to know.

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