JaysAnalysis Audio Lecture: Intro to Plato’s Phaedo

In this sample talk, I give an indepth introduction to Plato’s dialogue, The Phaedo.  The dialogue is packed with esoteric and profound concepts that would come to define much of the trek of Western thought thereafter.  This discussion is a beginner to mid-level treatment of the metaphysical and epistemological aspects of the treatise, including the meaning of the descent into Hades and the higher dimensions.  The talk expands on my article “Plato’s Phaedo: Esoteric Analysis,” filling out the ideas more fully.

Become a paid subscriber via Paypal and sign up at JaysAnalysis to get a better-than-university treatment of these texts for a fraction of the price of a gender-bender class warfare Marxist state school indoctrination – $4.95 a month!

Download the .wma file here

6 Comments on JaysAnalysis Audio Lecture: Intro to Plato’s Phaedo

  1. You should start posting mp3 files, so I don’t have to keep converting this stuff.

  2. Thanks for your work. Can you recommend a reading list to gain insight into your transcendental philosophical world view? It is amazing how closely this philosophy ties into my studies in Austrian Economics. Thank you

  3. Jonathan Bennett // December 5, 2014 at 11:15 pm // Reply

    I second the reading list request. Maybe not that stupid “ten best” list that’s been going around, but a basic compilation of what you consider to be the essentials might be nice.

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