The Subversion-Industrial Complex

The Soul of the East

Playing in good faith by the rules of the world controllers earns certain undesirable peoples precisely zero credit. As a case in point, recent elections held in the war-ravaged east of Ukraine have unsurprisingly been summarily dismissed by Washington and Brussels. Any political expression running contrary to the aims and ends of the globalist superclass is denounced as illegal and illegitimate, with selective application of international law the one observable norm.

A political order is only deemed legitimate if said elites classify it such. Thus popular elections in the breakaway east, known again by its older name Novorussia, are dismissed wholesale as Russian-backed manipulation. (After all, the globalists believe that choreography of elections should be the exclusive purview of the State Department and assorted NGOs.) Likewise, the governments of Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Kyrgyzstan have been challenged or threatened by the West over their pursuit of closer…

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