Mind-Controlled Alters Documented

Jay's Analysis

French film poster for the original Manchurian Candidate. French film poster for the original Manchurian Candidate.

By: Jay

Discussions about “conspiracy” generally involve a handful of subjects, one of the top five of which is “mind controlled assassins” and the MKULTRA project.  MKULTRA encompassed numerous other projects including dozens of institutions, universities and programs designed to perfect the military (and now domestic) use of various types of psychological manipulation and conditioning intent on creating a Pavlovian slave, able to be programmed into completing various missions.  One of the primary aspects of this strategy involves using both hypnosis and individuals with multiple personalities (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder, now Dissociative Identity Disorder).  While in a trance state, or under various types of psychologically altered states using drugs, the person or personalities can be programmed with various key words used by the handler, and even at times without the individual or the personalities being aware of the events that transpired or the programming itself.

This sounds a…

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