Introduction to Hidden Metaphysics, Part 2

This is the follow up to my popular talk on “Hidden Metaphysics.”  Part 1 is here.  Part 2 expands on part 1, looking at the proper attitude to approaching metaphysics, ontology, Platonic and Pythagorean forms, higher dimensions and tesseracts, aether and spirit, as well as a host of other topics surrounding man’s self-imposed psyche prison.

11 Comments on Introduction to Hidden Metaphysics, Part 2

  1. Jay you mention Eastern Orthodoxy as a better way to understanding. What eastern system are you referring to?

  2. Jay what eastern beliefs are you referring to?

  3. Jay, great stuff as usual. Where does one obtain a complete copy of Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s God, History, and Dialectic? I’m reading the sample on Google Books and can’t seem to find a copy. I’ve been through Farrell’s website and there is no reference to it there. Thanks again for all the great philosophical info.

  4. usedobjectsofdesire // December 22, 2014 at 5:17 am // Reply

    I cannot listen to you.
    If you make a transcript of this and include the ahs, a, a, ums, ands, timing and pauses, its unbearable. You don’t even sound interested in your subject. “You know. You know. A. Artsy fartsy. Ok. You know. New agey stuff. If you want to, to, to, to be enlightened.”
    Work on your delivery Jay.

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