Philosopher’s Stone of the Candy Crush World Order

Behold the capstone of your god!
Behold the capstone of your god!

Behold the capstone of your god!

By: Jay Dyer

As I wander through the infinite data stream, I find myself more and more struck with the utterly synthetic, pseudo-intellectual, nihilistic character of it all.  Just ten years ago, most people I knew bought books and actually read them.  There’s a certain discipline and aesthetic experience involved in reading, and then chewing and digesting a book, something akin to a mystical revelation.  Yet nowadays, the preference is for “Kindle,” a name that conceals a subtle clue about burning books, we discover we are boldly embarking on a Brave New quest to become fully synthetic.  All of this is an omen for the frightening issue regarding education I fear – understanding lengthy, important works of literature will disappear.  For millennia humans have found it natural to contemplate difficult texts in a physical form, rather than scrolling through bytes on a screen.  I know I find it almost impossible to do on a screen, though I have read many 1,000-plus page physical books. The Internet is great medium for articles, but are people really going to read the works of the Western iCanon?  I doubt it.  The point is that decades from now, no one will read important works of history and the classics – at all (Fahrenheit 451).  This is precisely what Bertrand Russell said would occur by design, too.

Most are familiar with the theme in dystopian fiction of books being burned or eliminated, but as I progress in my learning, it becomes increasingly evident how far down the dystopian path we already are.  A leftist progressive writer and I had a couple interactions recently, and my thoughts on this matter seemed to play out on the screen before me.  The assumption of said writer was that true journalism would awaken the masses and the Internet was the great hope of humanity for bringing about revolution.  In other words, man is a machine to be programmed with just the right data stream.  Over and over, every interaction I have, especially with individuals in alternative media and its nooks and crannies, the presupposition no one ever questions is this Enlightenment model of reality.

While it is obviously true that individuals can change their mind and actions based on new information, the underlying false assumption is that, like a machine, all that’s needed for human development and progress is newer, larger amounts of information.  A manifestation of the reign and age of quantity, the quantity we now consume is information.  Economics is already moving into the realm of the trafficking of information, as the “sustainable” SmartCities of the future will be structured entirely around total information awareness.  This model works on the basis that there are no higher realms, no spiritual dimension to man, and the complete solution to his ills is simply more.  More information, more articles, more education, more, more, more.  If we can only see beyond the subatomic particles – we’ll see more.  If we can only write more articles – we’ll know more.  Obviously these are good things in themselves, but across the spectrum of modern Western thought and life, the dominant motivating force is all about the acquisition of more.  The SmartCities will not be based around more stuff, but greater and greater immersion into the matrix of the virtual, like the holographic entertainment scene from THX 1138.

There is a dark twist to this ouroboros of gobbling consumption.  In the past, the drive for more took man to new continents, established new colonies, brought about amazing inventions and advancements, etc., but consider where our unquenched desire is about to take us today – into the realm of the virtual.  We are no longer concerned with real exploration, real knowledge accompanied by wisdom, real interactions, etc., but with the synthetic versions of all these things.  It is as if a disgustingly obese man devoured every piece of cake and candy in sight, and then demanded all the same goodies on Candy Crush or some other childish video game.  The obesity of the public is a mirror for the obesity of man’s black hole of desire for meaningless more, a dark vortex of infinite nihilistic swallowing, ingesting and elimination of itself.

The touchdownward spiral.

The touchdownward spiral.

The great contradiction here is that man’s quest for infinite more, with no purpose or telos behind this acquisition, is the transmutation of matter into the byte – an inverted dark philosopher’s stone that leads to death, not immortality.  The lies of the last few centuries surrounding man’s great secular ascent and self-deification through empty “scientific progress” has resulted in a global automaton drone population, transfixed in a perpetual trance by screens. Screens in Wal-Mart, screens in toilets, screens in school, screens on roads, screens are everywhere to the point of absurdity, where it’s almost impossible to even have a dinner at a restaurant without some stupid screen bombarding the senses (generally with sports images).   Trying to eat at sports bar is impossible – I have seen sports bars with upwards of ten screens playing at once.  It is an utterly ridiculous and perpetual overstimulation and speaks to a completely conquered and destroyed people, who cannot even communicate and share the ancient human ritual practice of the meal, without a dozen screens vomiting men in costumes and tights, chasing balls and rolling around with one another in homoerotic display.

The transition to a fully synthetic society brings with it a mundane, infinitely boring version of everything.  Fake food, fake (abridged, digital) books, fake news, fake breasts, fake Darwinian narratives, fake history, fake religions and preachers, false environments, even fake drugs – nothing is exempt from the irrational drive to overlay all of reality with a meaningless digital copy.  Man’s fascination with transhumanism and cloning are really just fake mythological devices, furthering this deep faith in the synthetic.   The dark truth is that man’s furious descent into the unreal is not resulting in his promised freedom and transcendence, but the opposite: greater and greater atrophy and degeneration, all due to the loss of acknowledgement and submission to the spiritual.  Unable to be touched or sensed. the virtual and synthetic is thus a substitute version of the spiritual, a virtual aether.  The Philosopher’s Stone is become rock candy, and not even a real piece of candy – a virtual piece of rock candy at level 33 of Candy Crush.

Image of a reported spectral appearance of an actual "book." From Nicolas Berdyaev's "Slavery and Freedom" (p. 62).

Image of a reported spectral appearance of an actual “book.” From Nicolas Berdyaev’s “Slavery and Freedom” (p. 62).

15 Comments on Philosopher’s Stone of the Candy Crush World Order

  1. Beautiful. I’ve become a real fan of your writing. Keep it up!

  2. Algorithm of Consciousness // November 17, 2014 at 6:12 am // Reply

    An excellent article Jay. I’ve followed your work for quite some time and want to see you get more exposure. I hope you do more interviews. I also can’t help notice that some folk end up copying and co-opting your work without due credit, which signifies some of the low points of man as you no doubt highlight in this fine article.


    • “Journalism is the art of translating abysmal ignorance into execrable prose. At least, that is its purest and most minimal essence. There are, of course, practitioners of the trade who possess talents of a higher order—the rare ability, say, to produce complex sentences and coherent paragraphs—and they tend to occupy the more elevated caste of ‘intellectual journalists.’ These, however, are rather like ‘whores with hearts of gold’: more misty figments of tender fantasy than concrete objects of empirical experience. Most journalism of ideas is little more than a form of empty garrulousness, incessant gossip about half-heard rumors and half-formed opinions, an intense specialization in diffuse generalizations. It is something we all do at social gatherings—creating ephemeral connections with strangers by chattering vacuously about things of which we know nothing—miraculously transformed into a vocation.”

      State-education – more or less (including those who work or are employed in upper echelons of academe). That’s on personal observation at least. No longer taught to read books, or engage with complex ideas, but rather how to form an “opinion” and make commentary upon it, or at best, “research.”

  3. Brilliant piece. Such an unfortunate objective view on society. It’s like it was written by a human from a different space or time giving an unadulterated analysis on Planetoid: Earth. Year: 2014 A.D.

    There are pockets of resistance to this virtualization/New-world-orderfication. Some populations are minimally effected by the rapid loss of consciousness brought on by the virtualization and are ridiculed for it (e.g. Amish)

    • Thanks. Yes, opposition is their grear fear.

      • wondering if even labelling such efforts as “resistance” & “opposition” only feeds the beast? as you have written elsewhere (i.e. SPECTRE), the system always needs a boogeyman in which to shift blame and divert attention. as mass media appears to be dolling out various versions of the boogeyman archetype like free acid being passed around at a Grateful Dead concert (i count at least 5 major ones in this year alone), hoping one will stick in the collective consciousness for more than 15 minutes, it’s only a matter of time when all “resistance” efforts will get the bullseye on the forehead.

        that is not to say that what, for example the Amish, is practicing is not technically an example of those words, rather to note that those words, like so many others in the English lexicon, have been bastardized and loaded with powerful connotations to become trigger words in the collective psyche that used to manipulate the public into looking at the right hand when the left hand is picking their pockets.

        besides, how is choosing to live a certain way that is alternative to the current way everyone else does “resisting” or “opposing” anything? it just is. don’t we have the right as human beings to do so as we wish, as long as it does not inflict harm on another?

  4. “The obesity of the public is a mirror for the obesity of man’s black hole of desire for meaningless more, a dark vortex of infinite nihilistic swallowing, ingesting and elimination of itself.”

    in Chinese mythology, there are the hungry ghosts — beings with bloated stomachs & pencil-thin necks wandering around devouring everything in sight, yet unable to fill their insatiable appetites. they are invisible, but unlike regular “ghosts”, they inhabit an alternate realm in which they are able to penetrate “material reality” easily and thus cause greater harm & havoc to humans. the Eastern cultures have festivals for them where they leave out food to shoo them away.

    after reading this essay, i begin to wonder whether the exponential expansion of the virtual realm into human consciousness has torn apart that thin fabric that separates humans from the hungry ghosts and those two classes of beings are melding into each other as some hybridized creature. or sumthin like that…

    just found your corner of the realm from a pingback at JC’s corner and currently in the process of devouring the material like a hungry ghost on a rampage. happy to know there are others resonating on harmonious wavelengths. whether it makes any difference in transforming the prevading dissonance or be drowned out in the noise, time will tell.

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