Against Monoculture

The Soul of the East

Interdependence is supposedly cause for celebration in our era, and there can be no doubt that the peoples of Earth are more interconnected now than they ever were before.  Today, the culture of the so-called developed world is governed by ideas of egalitarianism and materialist cosmopolitanism. It’s believed more honorable to call oneself a “citizen of the world” than a staunch defender of any one tribe or group, because by definition, drawing a line of preference for those within one’s own group would imply that some faraway other is excluded. A centuries-old trend of assimilation in the interests of economic progress is reaching its apex, set to become one of the primary sociological concerns in the near future.

As we see in the jungles of Brazil and the streets of Europe alike, native populations are quickly becoming foreigners in their own lands, their environments radically changing before their eyes. We often hear that the…

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2 Comments on Against Monoculture

  1. Michael Sean // November 15, 2014 at 9:43 am // Reply

    I’ve spent the past 20 years traveling extensively throughout the world, spending a significant amount of time in some very diverse cultures from Cuba to Borneo. One of the things I keep noting is how these cultures are becoming more and more westernised/globalised. Their own cultures left behind for what they think is sophisticated westernised ways.

    Their TV seems the same, their clothes are the same, their traditional music is replaced with vapid pop music, and technology runs riot. The older generations watch their moral codes and cultural mores desecrated rapidly before their eyes.The younger generation look to the west for their culture; from Japanese Teddy boys in the 1980s, to Malasian hip hop artists with Brooklyn accents, all without the original context for the explosion of these sub cultures.

    One day, in the non to distant future, we will all have our arms covered in tattoos of symbols we don’t understand, beards, and skinny jeans….even the women. We will verbally and physically lynch people who speak or act against the official speak. It’s already getting that way.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness // November 17, 2014 at 7:23 am // Reply

      The “Western” (west of what?) fetishism with egalitarianism and finance capital will be the funeral wreath of humanity. The main driver of the egalitarian fiction that has successfully spellbound its victims via carefully crafted incantations of political correctness and emotive appeals to the most base principles of satisfying the ego, has been finance capital and the spreading of its tentacles across the world to different “markets.” Its emphasis on materialism and the accumulation of products and profit has homogenized various peoples and cultures into a blob of sameness – it has “bridged the gap” (so to speak) between the supposed “haves” and the “have-nots,” or so they will tell us.

      That isn’t to say the idea of “free markets” in theory is a bad thing (the idea of innovation and trade through the voluntary interactions of men, considering that markets are not actually free but manipulated via the central banking cartels) or that it has not brought benefits to man. But it is to say that man’s appetite for profit, greed and power has left no room for him to be conscientious in its application. Consequently, it does not view people as being unique, belonging to a certain culture, tribe, land or way of life, but as “markets” and “consumers” with potentially endless profits just looming around the corner. And all this because the “Western” world has become beholden to a small group of well-connected banking oligarchs, corporate big-wigs, and political elites with mysterious family origins and ties. Yet in their cupidity they ignore that what they sew is calamity.

      We hear from every orifice of communication that “diversity is our strength,” yet the absurdity of such a self-defeating and self-refuting principle is never considered by the hapless 21st Century self-proclaimed atheist college student selfie-addict blogging hipster “sustainable” modern photo-uploading foodie Instagram droid. This article brilliantly highlights the illogical premise of such an idea – diversity not only threatens to destroy the very thing which it supposedly promotes (diversity), but it actually destroys it.

      In the end, whatever factions that exist among the ruling elites that constantly vie for power and influence, their interests converge when it comes to power and control. And where power and control are concerned, the one thing that is beneficial to them is this. The more they can create faceless, nameless and languageless human blobs of protoplasm and sameness in a landscape of misanthropic mediocrity not tied to a unique land, history or narrative, the more easier it is to control these pliable herds as the wage slaves and indentured servants of finance capital, as we tip-toe into our Brave New World where the slave does not realize he is a slave, and eagerly accepts his servitude with glee. To achieve this, traditional cultures and identities must be stripped, layer by layer, brick by brick and bond by bond. I am also reminded of Jay’s interview of the Collins brothers in “The Androgynous World Order” where the gender politics are also used to essentially achieve these same goals as we prance toward a genderless cultureless culture (if it can be called that) of sameness.

      Global control requires global reach, and global reach is achieved via propounding into the consciousness of the masses to create false needs, i.e., false consciousness, and the substitution of ones identity to culture, tribe, people, religion, etc., with capitalism’s Football Sunday Mass. The “Pleasure Principle” is the new end goal and end point. All else is folly! How else can they have achieved such a successful propaganda meme except through the control of media? When will the cattle awaken from their morass to see that the Prophet of Profit is a false idol? Sadly, I do not hold hope. Woe is us.

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