Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) – Illuminati Masterwork

"Wacky"? A clear subliminal sexual reference.
"Wacky"?  A clear subliminal sexual reference.

“Wacky”? A clear subliminal sexual reference. Notice the GRAVEYARD behind Ernest, a clear reference to the Necronomikon and Egyptian Book of the Dead.

By: Jay


Deep within the darkest recesses of the human psyche dwells a Luciferian figure of unparalleled esoteric power.  You are probably thinking, “Satan,” “the Antichrist,” “Dr. Mengele,” “Dr. Kevorkian,” “Dr. Zhivago,” “Dr. Jay,” but all those worthy contenders pale in comparison to the Illuminati’s greatest masterpiece of occult mind control: Ernest Scared Stupid.  Pawned off on an unsuspecting public as “wacky” home entertainment, Ernest’s very name brings to mind honesty, sincerity and earnest – core hallmarks of our great republic.

Yet, with all this in mind, something far greater was at work in this alchemical comedic brew, as the Illuminati prepared this great land’s youth and their baby-boomer progenitors for the ultimate malefic transformation that would be accomplished within this allegorical tale. Consider also that the film premiered in 1991, a date of high significance to accomplished numerologists, and functions as a clear prediction of 9/11, as we can arrange 1991 to become 9/11.

Our film opens in Puritan America, as an Ernest “descendant” pronounces divine judgment on a “troll,” banishing him, not to the abyss, the underworld, or Hades, but a few feet underground beside the sacred Oak tree, a clear reference to Yggdrasil and the cabalistic tree of life.  This was, of course, by design, as the evil entity could have been simply banished to hell.  “Trolls,” as any good conspiracy theorist knows, are code for Illuminati child sex slave handlers.  In the narrative, the “trolls” feed on the energy of children by turning them into cheesy 80s action figurines (consider how much disdain the Illuminati has for the public – you are not even worthy to be transformed into a decent action figurine!).

Young children become mind controlled assassins and supersoldiers, fighting America's Illuminati wars.

Young children become mind controlled assassins and supersoldiers, fighting America’s Illuminati wars.  Observe this AI tank weapon the Illuminati are openly displaying before our faces, telling us the youth will fight their wars and we will never stop them. Do you see the hidden American Flag???

The Illuminati, with their keen powers of gnosis, armed with the weaponry of secret knowledge and history, were well aware that the New World of America was a land cursed and haunted by the spirits of its former Indian inhabitants.  Cleverly cloaked in allegorical form, the transmigration of Ernest’s soul from Puritan Minister into modern-day moron (it’s the same guy in both costumes!) thus reveals a coded message about the sinister master plan of reincarnation and enslavement of souls in the lower realms.  Unable to escape the cyclical wheel of time, “Ernest” (honesty, sincerity) must discover the Illuminati’s deepest arcana to ascend his mundane existence and thereby “save” the children.

Ernest manifests his MKULTRA alternate transgender personas.

Ernest manifests his MKULTRA alternate transgender personas.  Note the perverted phallic imagery of the “knob” and “lever.”

As noted before at JaysAnalysis’ in my professional scholarly research, the Puritan ministers were responsible for the death of over a million witches at the Salem Witch Trials.  Ernest is therefore a figure under the curse of the Illuminati, and his descendants are gradually subject to the dumbing-down process that symbolizes America’s own decline. The film takes place on Halloween, which is the high Satanic Holiday of Sam Hanes, the designer of underwear.  Hanes, the underwear-obsessed “whitey tightey” mogul, is also an Illuminati bloodline family elite, and Ernest Sacred Stupid wants its more enlightened viewers to be aware of this clear, obvious connection.  It also reveals the elite’s deviant obsession with skivvies and privy parts.

Illuminati forces use Trandor (transgender transhumanist) to mind control sex slaves.

Illuminati forces use Trantor (transgender transhumanist) to mind control sex slaves.

Ernest visits the town’s vodoun priestess, giving viewers a revelation of the occult initiation path he will undertake.  Soon after visiting the medicine woman, Ernest begins to manifest alter personas such as Caesar, a snarky old woman, Atilla the Hun, as well as many others.  Ernest is a subject of the Illuminati’s MKULTRA program, and the manipulation of his consciousness by dark forces.  Soon after, Ernest spends a lot of time hanging around kids, and “accidently” awakens the troll from the pit.  Here we can make an undeniable reference to the Book of Revelation, where in 11:7 the “beast ascends from the abyss to make war on the saints.”  The town of Briarville is, from this point, under demonic attack due to the ritual and synchromystic invocation of Ernest, the chosen adept – all symbolic of the Illuminati bloodlines and their siege on America. 

Ernest invokes dark powers through ritual magick and forbidden occult books.

Ernest invokes dark powers through ritual magick and forbidden occult books with the priestess.  Pictured here is Crowley’s Book of the Law.

The troll’s name is ‘Trantor,” which evokes the imagery or transgender and transhumanism and (alchemical) transformation.  As Trantor wreaks havok on the city, zapping its youth with 80s blue lightning effects, the children become figurine puppets – MKULTRA puppets of the Illuminati!  The dark secret is that Ernest is the unwitting initiate who actually brings about the chaos through his own inner mystic powers, albeit unbeknownst to him.  In fact. Ernest’s familiar spirit is a puppy named “Rimshot,” which  brings to mind unspeakable sexual metaphors.  The truth is, Ernest Scared Stupid is film about sex magick and MKULTRA trauma-based mind control, as being “sacred stupid” is precisely what the Illuminati have done to America!  The trauma has caused a split in the psyche, resulting in control by fear and stupidity, making an America full of Ernests!  Ernest is also sexually ambiguous, spending all his time with underage children, and at this point we must petition Hollywood to make the proper film it should have – Ernest Scared Straight!

Ernest calls forth the beast from the abyss, a reference to the destruction of America predicted in Rev. 11:7!

Ernest calls forth the beast from the abyss, a reference to the destruction of America predicted in Rev. 11:7!

Verdict: Three bags of gmo popcorn and two corn syrup Gummies.

14 Comments on Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) – Illuminati Masterwork

  1. Michael Sean // November 10, 2014 at 9:16 pm // Reply

    Excellent, thought provoking analysis. I have totally reassessed my reading on Earnest Gets Invited to Bilderberg as a consequence, and I now see that really it’s a broad comedy about a well meaning idiot, who both ruins, then saves the 1992 Vouliagmeni Builderberg meeting…and nothing more.

  2. I keep sending it to Vigilant but I don’t think they’re interested hahaha

  3. This has to be satire.

  4. Ernest seems to be the archetypal “southern handyman perve,” the Geinean “harmless” guy wandering around, head in strangers’ kitchen windows (like his old tv commercials); no one can believe the squirrelly little guy is capable of his atrocities, so he gets away with a lot before apprehended. It is fascinating to see him expand his perve-view to cosmic dimensions in the Ernest series of films…”air brakes…hehehehehe…:”

  5. After reading this insightful piece I suggest you give Ernest movies as much attention as you do the Bond franchise. You were correct to point out the year of the movie’s release (1991): the end of the Cold War and the ushering in of the New World Order (see George H W Bush’s speech). Is there any truth to the rumor that Ernest Scared Stupid was secretly directed by David Lynch?

    It’s worth pointing out that 1991 was also the year production began on Leprechaun. That flick (released 1993) was the beginning of a franchise that would produce no less that five sequels. There are those who believe those movies were a sophisticated form of psychological warfare used by the Illuminati to further alienate the public from gold. Production of Leprechaun began August 15,1991, 20 years to the day after Richard Nixon suspended the convertibility of the US dollar to gold. Just a coincidence?

  6. This is not satire. And you know it is not.

  7. Minnie Hallman // July 28, 2016 at 2:18 am // Reply

    I knew Jim Varney. He was a sexual deviant and a selfish self absorbed nutcase. There was no connection with the Illuminati. He was just a Kentucky nutcase with a stupid comedy routine. Bud Cherry just knew how to market his stupid and inconsequential form of comedy. The Comedy world couldn’t stand his grandstanding and his penchant for being the center of attention. He even divorced Jackie because she was a better commediene than he was.

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