The Establishment Shadow Government is SPECTRE

SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

By: Jay Dyer

Pondering the news attention the famed Pink Panther diamond ring has garnered, I was reminded of something out of a Bond novel.  Judging by the 2D news narrative, we are expected to believe that this ring of some two hundred crooks operates under unknown leaders plotting in the dark, as noble authorities and intelligence officials feverishly work ’round clock to apprehend the fiends.  Diamonds Are Forever might be more appropriate, but in Fleming’s 1958 novel Dr. No, No makes an equally prescient and insightful statement about black market operations and their fierce master, shadow government:

“Mr. Bond, power is sovereignty.  Clausewitz’s first principle was to have a secure base.  From there one proceeds to freedom of action. Together, that is sovereignty.  I have secured these things and much beside.  No one else in the world possess them to the same degree.  They cannot have them.  The world is too public.  These things can only be secured in privacy. You talk of kings and presidents.  How much power do they possess?  As much as their people will allow them.  Who in the world has the power of life and death over his people?  Now that Stalin is dead, can you name any man except myself?  And how do I possess that power, that sovereignty? Through privacy.  Through the fact that nobody knows. ” (pg. 161)

This writer has noted many times the principle of psychological warfare employed by Fleming in the Bond novels that proved tremendously effective – project every dark, secret, nefarious operation your side is engaged in on the enemy.   Also, be sure to make your enemy out to be a disfigured hybrid mulatto for good measure (Dr. No was a Chinese and German mixed racial villain).  In the story, Dr. No has established his secret base of operations on a secretive island off the coast of Jamaica, where, in his secret underground mountain fortress and with his secret high-tech radar and surveillance equipment from Moscow, he remotely commandeers US missiles.  Dr. No’s cover is the nasty business of farming guano, or bird dung for fertilizer.  With all the usual Fleming tropes, No emerges in the narrative as an exemplary figure of the sexually repressed daddy-issues villain, with connections to international crime, espionage, the Soviets, and money laundering. Dr. No is thus an exemplary figure of shadow government, and shadow government is the normative form of government in our day.



In reality, the hierarchical pyramid of global government is not a series of goodly nation-states seeking to protect the “free world” from dastardly Manichaean dialectical manifestations, but rather is itself is a large interlocking system of crime syndicates.  The world government that presently exists is one of covert, hidden rulership by various oligarchs.  While a certain level of competition exists and is tolerated, these oligarchical Dr. Nos are not the denizens of secret Soviet underground lairs, but Bilderberg attendees and banking magnates.  It is my thesis that whatever you see Dr. No or Blofeld or SMERSH or SPECTRE do, is in fact what the actual establishment itself does.  The appellation of “rogue villain” or “rogue state” is rather a media propaganda term for a controlled double agent, such as a terrorist, or a rival syndicate to whatever crime syndicate happens to be in power and run the media.

Yet is my claim the case?  Evidence from numerous investigative journalists, analysts and historians answers in the affirmative.  In his classic Tragedy & Hope, Dr. Carroll Quigley speaks of government by monopolistic money cartel that developed in the modern era:

“Naturally, the influence of bankers over governments during the age of financial capitalism (roughly 1850-1931) was not something about which anyone talked freely, but it has been admitted frequently enough by those on the inside, especially in England. In 1852 Gladstone, chancellor of the Exchequer, declared, “The hinge of the whole situation was this: the government itself was not to be a substantive power in matters of Finance, but was to leave the Money Power supreme and unquestioned.”

On September 26, 1921, The Financial Times wrote, “Half a dozen men at the top of the Big Five Banks could upset the whole fabric of government finance by refraining from renewing Treasury Bills.” In 1924 Sir Drummond Fraser, vice-president of the Institute of Bankers, stated, “The Governor of the Bank of England must be the autocrat who dictates the terms upon which alone the Government can obtain borrowed money.” (pg. 61)

“Do you like my Mao suit? I borrowed it from Blofeld.”

Our political leaders are nothing more than puppets of the same monopolistic cartel, but the point to grasp here concerns altering one’s perception of the establishment as the authoritative white hat “good guy” fighting the international “black hats” of diamond heists and underground terrorist bases.  It is the establishment that is the ruling mafia cartel, and the control of black markets is key to understanding what is meant by “shadow government.”  Their goal is global government and the control of all aspects of life, and unfortunately some aspects of life in this world involve black markets.  We often speak of the “new world order” taking over governments or conspiring to manipulate some event or subvert some institution, but the best lens through which to grasp its true inner workings is international crime and its syndicates.  And is the best model because the globalists run the international crime rackets.  Investigative journalist Michael Ruppert explained this piece of the puzzle in his Crossing the Rubicon:

“Globalization, the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, the IMF, the World Bank, the Great Bull Market of the 1990s, and the economic adulthood of the Empire have all been nurtured by the controlled and directed use of criminal money streams. One of the other great contributors to America’s economic growth has been its willingness to profit from the destruction of the life, health, safety, and  happiness of its population. As I write, more than two million people are in prisons or jails in the United States. Many of those prisons are run by private corporations. That the profits of crime and war, which are destructive of human life, of labor, of happy, healthy neighborhoods (whether in the US or in Afghanistan, Africa, and Iraq), are in effect a keystone of the global economy and a determinant of success in a ruthless competition, is a compass needle for human civilization. One cannot expect to follow the recipe for road-kill stew and produce a creme brulee….

Perhaps the best summation of how the global economy actually functioned just prior to the World Trade Center attacks was offered in a brilliant two-part series by Le Monde Diplomatique in the spring of 2000. In part, the series said:

Indeed the engine of capitalist expansion is now oiled by the profits of serious crime. From time to time something is done to give the impression of waging war on the rapidly expanding banking and tax havens. If governments really wanted to, they could right this overnight. But though there are calls for zero tolerance of petty crime and unemployment, nothing is being done about the big money crimes.

Financial crime is becoming less visible, periodically coming to light in one country or another in the guise of scandals involving companies, banks, political parties, leaders, cartels, mafias. This flood of illicit transactions — offences under national law or international  agreements has come to be portrayed just as accidental malfunctions of free market economics and democracy that can be put right by something called “good governance.” But the reality is quite different. It is a coherent system closely linked to the expansion of modern capitalism and based on an association of three partners: governments, transnational corporations, and mafias. Business is business. financial crime is first and foremost a market, thriving and structured, ruled by supply and demand.” (pg. 76-7)

The reach of the globalist shadow government doesn’t stop with financial crimes involving laundering hundreds of billions in drug money, which are now daily news items.  On the contrary, the syndicalism of the elite extends to all markets, including sex trade, drugs, weapons, secret technology, cybercrime, etc.  What comes to mind here is the Jolly Roger Flag and the classic imagery of international piracy.  21st Century Wire editor and investigative journalist Patrick Henningsen perceptively makes this connection between state-sponsored terror using “Sand Pirates” and black market trades in his recent article, “ISIS Sex Slave Market is Modern Repeat of Barbary Pirate Trade”:

“As 21WIRE pointed out last week, history has repeated itself again. Today’s ISIS/ISIL phenomenon is not that different from another long and painful chapter in the East vs. West clash of cultures and trade – the Barbary Pirates of the 17 and 18th centuries. Writer Patrick Henningsen explains:

‘For financial or political reasons, Empires have always used external militarized cells and mercenaries to commit unsavoury acts under a flag different than the monarchy, nation-state, or private corporation who was directing them behind the scenes.”

Ruthless and unconventional “asymmetric” enemies are nothing new to the United States. Historically, the Privateer, or Barbary “Corsair”, was a private person or ship authorized by a government to attack foreign vessels or governments, often covertly. During the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, Ottoman Corsairs operated along the North African coast, and attacked Colonial American ships for over a century”.

“It’s the time-honored practice of non-state actors (with state sponsors) who are let loose to pillage and plunder. Today’s ISIS pirates are really just the 21st century’s version of the ‘privateers’…”


“The Barbary slave trade refers to the “white slavery” markets along North Africa’s Barbary Coast between the 17th and 19th centuries, which comprised Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Conversely, the Arab slave trade went on for the better part of a millennium – not only confined to the Arab world, but also extending into west Asia, North Africa, Southern Africa, Ethiopia, and Somalia, as well as southern coastal Europe (Spain and Italy) as late as the 19th century. So great were the number of men, women and children who were captured by pirates, that many European coastal towns were forced to shut down, and all but abandoned.”

We interrupt this article for a breaking board meeting with George Soros, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski:

The modus operandi of international syndicates has not changed, and the international nature of piracy provides another helpful parallel.  Like the media narrative of the Pink Panthers, which seems to show clear intelligence agency involvement, the mainstream news version of black markets is, as expected, nowhere near accurate or realistic.  While low-level employees of various agencies fight a white hat battle, the larger players higher up on the pyramid are aligned with criminal syndicates.  Since these interests have no national allegiances, the black flag of piracy is raised by the globalists, as well.  Connecting all these dots, an excellent work on the pinnacles of power and black markets is investigative journalist Daniel Estulin’s book Shadow Masters: How Governments and their Intelligence Agencies are Working with International Drug Dealers and Terrorists for Mutual Benefit and Profit.  Estulin presents an avalanche of information on little-known subjects and intrigues, namely the rape of Russia by the IMF, the NATO-run operations in Kosovo that connect to the drug trade, Bin Laden and state-sponsored terror, as well as the life of Victor Bout, whose escapades formed the basis for the film Lord of War with Nicolas Cage. Estulin comments:

“So you have an international terrorist (Osama bin Laden) trained and funded by the CIA, an international terrorist organization (the KLA, excuse me, Kosovo Protection Corps) trained and funded by the British, American and German secret services and special forces, and an American establishment (Clinton, Gore, Clark, Albright, Holbrooke, Lieberman – all Bilderberg and CFR members, who represent the interests of the new world order, fighting to establish democracy and bring justice to a long-suffering and oppressed people…(pg. 93)

From Vietnam to Cambodia, from Laos to Pakistan and Afghanistan, from Iran to the Contras, the Agency has been the progressive left’s favorite whipping boy.  However, it isn’t only the CIA that is up to their eyeballs in drugs.  In the aforementioned article, Le Monde Diplomatique explicitly stated that “the secret services of the world’s most powerful state apparatus [in the U.S.] have moved into economic warfare,’ becoming ‘international financial crime’s number-one partner.” (pg. 122)

This is only a smattering of a topic so vast it would require volumes to detail properly.  However, it does provide an introductory model for understanding government as conspiracy and black markets as the fuel for the real economy.  Rather than the Hollynews version of 007 exposing the operations of Dr. No, the norm for power blocs is actually criminal syndicalism and control of black markets.  Indeed, the appropriate model for understanding statecraft is not virtuous citizens rising to the top through dispassioned intellectual argumentation and elections, but stagecraft con men and their actor’s guilds, er, criminal guilds.  Recalling Dr. No’s quote above we can discern the rise of the surveillance state has only served to foster black market escapades and has little to do with halting “terror.”  If only Dr. No had waited around a little longer for the NSA.  From the drug trade to sex trade to financial scandals, we discover the whole business of war itself is a racket, and intelligence operations are more often than not merely legalized criminal espionage.  In reality, Joe is an arm of Cobra, and Bond is an agent of SPECTRE.  The verdict of historians and journalists is thus: The real Pink Panthers sit on the board of the IMF and CFR.

The IMF board meeting.

SPECTRE or IMF board meeting? Hard to tell.

5 Comments on The Establishment Shadow Government is SPECTRE

  1. A fine precis of a difficult subject. The author tells it like it is. The real government is the international association of secret services who moved in to fill the vacuum left by WWII, its destruction of almost every legal government then in our world except for the USA and we just had to go for the brass ring. Our anglo-american alliance dictated that!

    Where is it taking us today? Right into Islam. The 19th Century fascination with Mohammed’s concoction in anglo-american circles has bloomed fully now and its promoters are moving pell mell to get the New World Order up and running as quickly as possible and they control both major parties and some minor ones too in the USA and other western countries. The Skull and Bones boys are in the saddle and directing it all while the populace is kept busy “consuming” all the crap that their new leaders can design to keep them entertained and broken in both wallet and spirit.

    Who is at fault in this transition? All of us since we gave up reading about what was happening really and went full hog for titilation and fictional thrills. The authors of our new directions were blunt in telling us what they were doing but we all wanted the new world and so we are getting it!

    If you think that the GOP winning this election is going to change direction, you are wrong. The GOP spent no money at all and got victory just in time to be the scapegoats for the collapse that has begun. The crash of bonds worldwide signals what is coming so fashion your seatbelts and try to ride it out. You will not have any spiritual guidance to aid you so you will have to work our your path to deliverance for yourselves, if you can keep your head and limbs to do it!

  2. Very nice; dovetails with Dolan & Farrell’s “Breakaway Civilization” which adds a dimension: what are these uber-looters d o i n g with all this cash?

  3. I did not read the entire article it was not necessary. Most I am sure of what you say is true. However you left out one important thing. It is Humankind by group think who has chosen the wrong path. A hand full of people cannot run anything without the permission unless those who they to enslave are asleep, of which to many of us from time to time have chosen to do so.

    Universal cosmic law 1 “O” 1. Any group (particularly in the physical realms of existence) going into or being subject to a program to enslave/ them captivity must first (1) have the opportunity to be informed (2) choose to be asleep or go along with the program.

    All people are born with the ability to be Spiritually empowered and thus to discern or to sleep if they choose. It’s called “Free Will”. While death sometimes is a consequence of physical choice through the act of resistance, Spiritual Life always results in making the right choices in the physical realm. That is to choose Righteousness.

    How Do I Know We Can Over Come Any Of The Groups You Are Talking About: All Humanity is programmed with a genetic code which has its growth/sustainability factors associated with: Peace; Joy: Love; Forgiveness; Cooperation; Truthfulness; and self sacrifice. This is a built- in operative factor transmitted via the heart electromagnetic sensory pathways (I may not be using the right words here but the thinking is correct). This is established scientific fact. The heart is the first organ formed in the body. Everything that happens’ body physiology wise is transmitted from out in the cosmos from a God source. Not as old science trays to assert from the Brain and DNA exclusively. DNA Double Helix can be thought of as a mere receptor antenna from programming by God based sources from beyond the physical realm. DNA forms a base blue print but its operational mode is set by the sources I just referenced.

    Those things which deteriorate the human genome and DNA/Molecular Coding are: Hate; Envy; Strife; Selfish Ambition; Fear Mongering; Bearing are given to spreading Falsehood and Covertness.

    We therefore have a HOPE and a STRENGTH (Spiritual) that does not rest in evil but in the Light which is of God. Be mindful my remarks are not based on the Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Mohammed model of God or any the other operative religious orders. I don’t need to understand anything about God other than Righteousness as defined by our DNA Molecular Coding system by which Righteousness is it prescribed operational environment.

  4. The rub here is: when private power is forced to go public by circumstances beyond its control, or gains enough confidence in the consolidation of its control to come out of the shadows, the power will be at risk of being lost. At best, it will burn its former assets by making open and final “war” on them; at worst a genuine conflict between it’s assets/victims will erupt and force a conflagration to crush opposition of all stripes and cement global control.

    But there are some Things outside of the system which are beyond control…

  5. ColossusOfDestiny // January 4, 2015 at 2:16 am // Reply

    Nothing has changed in the way power is wielded. What has changed in the last 100 years is the growing delusion among the heavily programmed that somehow the practical concerns of wielding power have been cleansed by renaissance documents and hard nosed journalism.

    Personally the deluded masses are less aesthetically pleasing than the predictable antics of the institutions that manage power centers.

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